Sunday, November 01, 2009

Seven years ago...

... we were in church having our wedding rehersal.

Sometimes it feels like we've been married forever. Othertimes, it's all been a blink of an eye.

This was taken on my birthday in 1981. Now it's tagged by popular request.
See how he was attracted to me even at that age...

And here we are now!


  1. You should tag the 1981 photo, who's who.

  2. Happy Birthday Dr. Edwin!!!!
    I's mine tomorrow and I always remember yours come a day before mine!

    And on my birthday itself is you and Prisc's wedding anniversary, how sweet!!!!!

    So, happy birthday and happy anniversary to both of you!!!


  3. Your dad is faster than me...I was going to say, don't tag me, ok.... ha ha.

  4. ok now it's tagged.

    tmh - haha...ok la I don't tag you.

  5. WaH lAU! After 28 years Edwin is still that much taller than me!

  6. edwin and reuben have the same look!!! is Patrick in the pic too?
    I can recognize Joyce and Lilian. Don't remember who the other 2 children are.

  7. yes, all the siblings are in.
    the tiny one is Jason Ku. the indian guy I dunno who.

  8. didn't quite catch up, did you? :-)

  9. wah... from seremban to penang?? not bad huh? hehehe
    happy belated birthday edwin!!

  10. So you two are childhood friends? Can't quite comprehend it! You are from Penang and Edwin is from Yong Peng? So where on earth did you two spend your childhood together :-)

  11. Edwin is from Seremban. Born and bred there until after form 5 went to KL and UK for studies.

    I on the other hand am quite a nomad. Born in Ipoh, and then we moved around a bit. I lived in Seremban from 1979-1982 where we met in the same church. It was many years later that we met again at youth camps and then wrote letters (those things that need pen, paper, envelope and stamp!) and subsequently emails.