Saturday, November 21, 2009

Joe's 2nd Parent-Teacher Day

Juara Cerdik had their year-end meet-the-parent session today. We were there at our usual time, just before Children's Church.

The first thing Teacher Esther commented was that Joe daydreams a lot. When she feels that he is not paying attention (because he is busy daydreaming), she will ask him, "Joseph....what did I say?" And he can repeat exactly what she has just said. So she couldn't quite scold him for not paying attention.

It sounded almost as if she was talking about me as a student! My kindy teacher also commented that I daydreamed a lot. Well, at least Joe has yet to emulate my sleeping in class.

The other thing she commented was that he drooled on her hand, partly due to his daydreaming. Again, it sounded like she was talking about me. I couldn't help but laugh.

Seems Joe also loves to 'walk' on all fours in school! Now that must be how he picks up all the bugs and keeps coming down with fever, flu and etc. But teacher said that he moves so fast that by the time she reaches him to reprimand him, he's already back into upright position.

Joe's exam result was unexpected but not surprising.

Perfect score for Numbers...

...and Chinese!!!

He made a careless mistake for English. He was over-confident.
When I asked him about it he said, "I just looked at the 'u' ".

His writing has improved from a B- to a B. Teacher says he likes to write big, which is normal for a 4-year-old.

He certainly has learnt a lot this year. He can more or less read. Sometimes he doesn't quite know the word but he will guess by looking at the first letter. At other times, he isn't sure and he would rather say, "I don't know" than make a wrong guess. I feel he needs to learn that it's okay to make mistakes.

He also needs to work on his EQ. At times, he gets upset very easily at the slightest thing and doesn't want to forgive. But he has certainly improved on sharing and caring for his sister.
I am proud of my baby.

But he's no more a baby :-)


  1. the thought that popped into my head right after i read about the daydreaming was,"EXACTLY like mother, like son! i wonder if he drools too..."
    love you both!

  2. why you wonder? I already say lor.... teacher said he drool on her hand!!! mother like son!

  3. i wondered when i was still at the 1st paragraph lah!
    BTW, yeeteow says Joe got a 100 on both Chinese and Math because that's what he helped Joe with back in August.

  4. yah right!
    I think he has good genes... must be from the Tan side. Tan Ah Mah is chinese teacher and Tan Ah Kong is maths teacher.

  5. yes, yes. definitely good genes.
    from both sides!