Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the impossible hair cut

Joseph is just not very cooperative when it comes to his personal grooming. He hates hair cuts, he won't let me brush his teeth, he doesn't want his nose to be wiped, he won't let me clean his ears and he only lets me wash his backside because he can't stand the thought of faeces on him.

So, I have no choice but to wait till he's fast asleep before I embark on my grooming business. Last night, I decided it was time for another hair cut.

The first 5 minutes was very fruitful. I managed to cut from the left side till more than half way across the back. After that, he just started to wriggle and scratch his head. At one point, he opened his eyes, looked at me and said, "off light" before he went back to sleep. Thereafter, it was impossible to get anything done. So I gave up and went to sleep. I'll have to continue tonight.

This side, cut already.

This side, not yet cut.

Do I look like I care???? Of course not! I look good anyhow, hair or no hair!

cheap thrills for joe

Remember the 2 empty cardboard boxes that we lugged home from 1Utama? Well, it's another new toy now. I turned the boxes upside down and drew train tracks on them. I also made little coconut trees using straw and paper and my mother made a cardboard house for a station.
Joe will take his Thomas the tank engine and move it along those tracks following every turn.

See how engrossed he is with his 'new toy'.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Joys and tribulations of parenting

Today I stumbled upon this blog by a lady named Dawn who has a pack of 6 kids between the ages of 1 and 12. I couldn't help laughing (like everyone else) while reading through her entries. It has certainly helped to put my parenting experience in perspective.
I thought Joseph was a hyperactive handful. But compared to her Spaz, Joseph is an angel. For instance this morning while we were in church, he said shee shee about half a dozen times over a duration of less than 2 hours (so I had to walk back and forth from the loo half a dozen times), shook the box of milk so that the contents sprayed all over the chairs and the people behind, threw his Barney bolster on the floor and then rolled on the floor and under the chairs while whining "I want to go home".
At home, he likes to feed himself which isn't a bad thing. But halfway through eating a banana, he will put the banana to his ear and say, "hello yee yee. Ok bye bye yee yee". And then he mashes the banana with his hand and rubs banana puree all over his face and hair. He does the same with fried rice, papaya, kiwi fruit, dragon fruit and anything else he gets on his hands. Well, I guess it's not that hard to just shower the kid as compared to washing yoghurt off the tv screen or butter off the carpet (which is why I don't use carpets).
Indeed, parenting....the days are long but the years are short!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Papa's art

Joe says :

Last Monday while we were in church for morning prayer, Mama forgot to bring my toy cars to keep me entertained and quiet. So Papa tried to entertain me with his drawings. He drew this....and asked me what it is.

I took one look at the long nose and said, "elephant". Mama burst out laughing. Apparently papa tried to draw Mickey Mouse. Mama thinks it looks more like Mickey Mouse has been telling a lot of lies.

Then papa drew this...

That thing on the left....I said it's a dog. Papa said, "no, it's a tiger". And I said again, "'s a dog".

Mama says that Papa was never a very artistic nor creative person. He didn't score As for art when he was a kid in school.

Oh well, I guess it doesn't really matter. I still love my papa. He takes me to the park and the playground. He takes me swimming. He's my 'horse' when we have fun on the bed and he buys yummy mash potato from KFC for me. He may not be the most artistic dad but he's my dad. Papa, you're da best!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bye Bye at the airport

While mama and papa went to work yesterday, Joe went to KLIA with nana, kong kong, yee yee and ah ku.

I was told that he walked up to Ronald McDonald and said, "take photo". He had mushroom soup, bread and pasta at Delifrance for lunch. And he learned to say the words printed on his shirt - Somebody in Texas loves me!

Bye bye yee yee.... see you again....soon I hope.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yee Yee goes home

It's been a very hectic past one month for me and also for Joe. There were countless days of all-day shopping at 1-Utama, The Curve/Ikano/Ikea and Midvalley Megamall. With Yee Yee back home, Joe had a new playmate. Everyday, it's "yee yee, come play with me" and "yee yee, where are you?".

Playing with Yee yee the first time she came back in December 2005.

Playing with Yee yee now at 2 years plus.

Yee yee flies back to Dallas today. I think Joe will miss her as much as she's gonna miss him.

Yee yee carrying Joe at 8months.

Joe's such a big boy now!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

sugar fix

We were at Chili's last night for dinner. Joe was a very good boy. He fed himself the chicken-mushroom soup while I fed him fish and mashed potatoes. I like looking at him when his cheeks are full and puffy with food and he looks like he is really enjoying his food.

After we were all full and stuffed, we decided to share a hi and mighty pie. Joe decided he would also share our dessert.

Now, children can get very hyper and 'high' when they've had a dose of sugar. In Joe's case, he will keep shaking his head (like one high on estacy) with a silly smile on his face and babbling nonsense while running all over the place in circles, knocking into everyone and everything in his path.

Nevertheless he had his fair share of dessert while making a mess of the place and his face.

Mmmm....this is soooo yummy! Yummy in my tummy!

Yeah....this is good!

So good....finger-lickin want some?

Oh ohhhh....I think I'm a bit mabuk. Somebody catch me quick!

free fun for kids

I'm one who is of the opinion that kids do not need expensive toys.....regardless of the impressive labels and instructions on fancy packaging of exorbitantly-priced toys. Ask any mother and you'll probably be told that their kids' favourite toys are handphones or empty boxes and container, eating utensils or the tv remote control.

Last Monday, my sister and I were shopping for her shoes at 1-Utama. In the Scholl shop, there were a few big boxes of shoes just delivered by the supplier. Joe took the liberty to start taking out the shoe boxes, one by one, out of the big cardboard box. When we stopped him, he climbed onto the huge box with all the smaller shoe boxes. So I sheepishly asked the lady in the store if they had any empty boxes that they would be throwing away soon.

The very nice lady took the trouble to empty those cardboard boxes, fold and tie them up neatly for me to take home.

Joe has been enjoying his new 'toys' at home. He climbs in and out and really exercises his imagination. I found a round plastic cover and made a 'steering wheel' for him. One minute the box is a train. And he'll say, "choo chooo.....chuga chuga. Oh wheels. How to move?". The next minute it's a boat.

Then he makes it his secret hideaway. "I go in....close the door", he says. We then pretend we can't find him, and he'll jump out and say, "here I am!"