Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Buffet Dinner at Essence@Sheraton Imperial KL

I'm so stuffed from dinner!
We went to Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL to use our Starwood Privilege Complimentary Dining Voucher.
whole poached salmon
We started the evening with a make-your-own Caesar Salad+poached salmon...

 I'll let the food do the talking...
Round 1

They even had a rabbit dish.....RABBIT!!!
Stewed rabbit with prunes

Round 2

Round 3 - roast lamb
Round 4 - Sarawak Laksa (add mussels, less mihun)

Round 5

taking a break :-)

 And then the desserts...

Round 6
front LtoR : choc mud cake, red velvet cake, peanut butter mousse, poppy seed cake
back LtoR : pistachio dunno wat mousse, vanilla something, royal choc tart

Round 7 - choc pudding with vanilla sauce + vanilla ice cream

Round 8 - durian ice cream
Then Joy called (she can dial my number from memory, all by herself) to say that Joe was having a fever.

In my opinion....this is better than Latest Recipe at Le Meridien.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Westin KL getaway

Daalin and I spent one night at the Westin KL - my first night away from Isabel. While heavy hearted to leave her, I did feel it would be good for our marriage to spend some time away. So we parked Joe and Joy in Seremban with Ah Mah, Ah Kong and in the company of Brandon and Mabel and with Isabel safe at home in Nana's good hands, we headed off for our pre-10th anniversary honeymoon.

This is their renown signature Heavenly Bed. Unfortunately, I didn't have very heavenly sleep because I was engorged all night. But I was rather lazy to get up to pump. After all I was hoping to sleep all through the night! Nevertheless, Daalin slept very well.

I missed Isabel more than she missed me.

condoms for RM15 in case you forgot to pack...

very nice white tea with aloe toiletries and cute leaf-shaped soap
We had good workouts at the Westin Workout (it's not called a gym) - once on Monday evening before dinner and once on Tuesday morning before breakfast.

For dinner on Monday, we used our Starwood Privilege RM200 voucher. So we paid the balance of only RM27.35. The variety was not as elaborate as I would expect for a RM98++ per head buffet but we were still very full.

I don't normally go for carbs but I miss the very good pastas in Melbourne. This was pretty decent.

Breakfast the next morning was much better. I was impressed with the selection...

fresh juices - can be juiced on the spot as well

selection of sandwiches - toasted to your liking

doughnuts and pastries of every kind

a real honeycomb!
We thought that breakfast was not included in the complimentary room and were prepared to pay the RM68++ (50% discount with our Starwood privilege card) but after we informed the lady in charge that breakfast was not included, she came back and told us that it was included and we did not have to pay anything.
So we said thank you and ate very happily.

Oh and because we were staying at The Westin, I made my first ever visit to Pavillion KL across the road. My conclusion - I don't need it. It's wayyyyyy too atas with names I can't pronounce.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday morning hike @ Bukit Gasing

My 2 older kids had a refreshing back-to-nature father-and-children-time this morning.

 While I had my workout on the treadmill at home, the kids hiked up Bukit Gasing.

Daaling said it was a good 1.5 hour hike and they went up the watch tower too.

A lot of aunties were very encouraged to see Joy hiking.

She's got really strong legs! I'm impressed just looking at the photos.

And I'm so touched to see Joseph helping his sister along.

They crossed the hanging bridge twice.

And after all that hard work...

...they got milo ais and roti telur as their reward!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

sewing sewing sewing

After the rainbow dresses for my princesses, I made them 3 more dresses each.

Joy calls this the 'water dress'.

After I shirred it up, I realized it's not as wide as I would like it to be. I measured under her arms and then doubled the length. Should have tripled it. Oh well...I learn from trial and error.

Next I made these umbrella skirt dresses. Joy calls these the 'pistachio ice-cream dress'. I bought this and the water dress material at 70% off from Kamdar.

Finally, I made these from a purple flowery fabric, in the same cutting as the 'water dress' but this time I made the fabric wider. So this has more leg room.

Joy likes it because she has matching purple flower earrings.

It's so much fun dressing up princesses!