Thursday, October 02, 2014

Joy graduates from kindy

The third quarter of 2014 ended with my second baby graduating from kindergarten. They really do grow up so fast. 

Some time before the concert and kindergarten, Joy came home with a speech and told me she was to memorize it as she had been shortlisted to give the welcome speech. She was subsequently chosen to give the welcome speech in English and I felt greatly honoured to be given this privilege.
After all the practicing (until even Isabel can say the speech!) she spoke confidently to the crowd in the huge auditorium and I was very proud of her. 

TJC is a big kindy of 16 classes with an enrollment of about 300 students (my estimation) and the concert and graduation is a grand affair. You get your face and full name flashed up on TWO big screens as you walk up the stage to receive your scroll. 

The graduation was followed by dance items in the 70s theme. Joy's class did the JaJambo.
She's actually a natural on stage since she's regularly on the Children's Church worship team and she's also sung and danced for a few performances with Children's Church but she was very serious-looking for this dance.
Joy and her class teacher
I have no doubts this girl will adapt to primary school quickly and easily. She will have a kindy friend (who is also from her children's church cell) for classmate next year (you can actually pakat to register together to be in the same class) and there's always her kor kor around. 

Joy-Anne darling... one chapter of your life will soon close and you will begin a new chapter. I'm thankful for the two years of wonderful experiences you have had in kindergarten and I'm amazed at how you have grown.  
The next chapter will be more challenging with lots of new experiences. You will be less protected, more exposed. You'll have to be more independent, more proactive. We will not always be around. But Jesus will be. Take Jesus with you. He will guide you, comfort you, lead you and protect you. 

We love you and we are so proud of you!