Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chef Joy

Since we have a kitchen for the kids, I requested Ah Mah to sew a chef's hat and apron to complete the look.
It would have been easy to just buy from some toy shop but this is better. It's special because it's made by Ah Mah. I can tell Joy that her Ah Mah is so clever to be able to sew it for her.

Thank you Ah Mah. Now Joe wants a similar one in blue!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hyla in the home

I've had a problem with dust for the longest time. It's more accurately called indoor pollution. Now that we have a new home twice the size of the old one, I told Daalin that I'm gonna need some help with keeping the house clean but I still don't quite like the idea of maids or cleaners.

So we finally got a Hyla. It's much more than just a vacuum cleaner.
The stuff that comes out of the mattresses and pillows is just shocking!

Can you imagine sleeping with all that every night?

So far, cleaning has been a breeze. I can clean everything from ceiling to floor with this Hyla. There's even no need to wash the curtains because I can just suck everything up and flush it down the toilet. And thus far, I'm glad to say that Actifed is no longer my best friend!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bellygood Restaurant

Sometime ago we bought two 50% discount vouchers each for a 3-course meal + drink at Bellygood Restaurant in Sunway Mentari. We went twice and found it closed both times, before eventually finding out from their neighbour that they close on Mondays.
Then we forgot all about the vouchers until last night, and the vouchers expire today! So Daalin and I had a really nice porky lunch today.
For drinks we had iced lemon tea.

Then came the salads.... Grilled Bacon Salad...

...and Smoked Salmon Salad.

Next up came the main course...Pork Belly...

...and Baby Back Ribs...

Nice. But I wouldn't pay full price for it.

For desserts, we had a choice of Cinnamon Apples with ice-cream or Sticky Date Pudding but the ran out of the latter so we both had the former.
Compared to Nambawan, this place is more refined. It's a rather cosy quiet place. But the food is pricier although not as pricy as the few famous american foodchain restaurants. Nambawan is not fully-air-conditioned and doesn't have the ambience of a place where you'd bring someone for a first date. But it's value-for-money.
I guess I'd go back to Nambawan....especially for the RM6.90 pork burger!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

I'm a banana. Yellow outside but white on the inside.

I also have a western stomach. I'd much rather have pasta or burgers than rice. Anyday. In fact, I'd be quite happy to not have to eat rice.

For a vacation, I would pick USA or Australia over China. Anytime. For that matter, I've been to both USA and Australia but never to China and I would go again and again to USA and Australia (if I had money unlimited) and it would not matter if I never went to China.

I know, I's so un-chinese of me. Kacang lupakan kulit.

But my children will have to go to chinese school and learn to read and write chinese. He's already learning it in kindy and they are tested on 'ting sie' every week.

This is what he had to write last week.
Gong Ji (rooster) and Mu Ji Hui Xia Tan (mother hen can lay egg). Not easy and so many strokes. So my smart son being the adaptive child he is, wrote Tan as in his surname because he couldn't remember how to write tan as in egg.
But he did eventually get it right in school. After 2 big chee tans, this time he got 9/10. I know he has the brains if he will just focus and concentrate on his work. For now, he's such a dreamer and so easily distracted.

Nana's Birthday

Yesterday Nana turned 64 years young. We had an early celebration on Monday because KimKim is on night shift the rest of this week. Simple makan and chit chat at home. And the kids wanted to cut the cake again and again...
...and again and again...
Yesterday on the actual birthday, I told Joy-Anne, "today is Nana's real birthday" and she gave me a duh look and said, "again ah?"

Nana & KongKong went to Shogun on their own for dinner. Birthday girl eats free and senior citizen gets 50% off.