Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bellygood Restaurant

Sometime ago we bought two 50% discount vouchers each for a 3-course meal + drink at Bellygood Restaurant in Sunway Mentari. We went twice and found it closed both times, before eventually finding out from their neighbour that they close on Mondays.
Then we forgot all about the vouchers until last night, and the vouchers expire today! So Daalin and I had a really nice porky lunch today.
For drinks we had iced lemon tea.

Then came the salads.... Grilled Bacon Salad...

...and Smoked Salmon Salad.

Next up came the main course...Pork Belly...

...and Baby Back Ribs...

Nice. But I wouldn't pay full price for it.

For desserts, we had a choice of Cinnamon Apples with ice-cream or Sticky Date Pudding but the ran out of the latter so we both had the former.
Compared to Nambawan, this place is more refined. It's a rather cosy quiet place. But the food is pricier although not as pricy as the few famous american foodchain restaurants. Nambawan is not fully-air-conditioned and doesn't have the ambience of a place where you'd bring someone for a first date. But it's value-for-money.
I guess I'd go back to Nambawan....especially for the RM6.90 pork burger!

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