Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In 2 more days...

...KongKong will be singing this!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

my dancing queen

Joy-Anne likes to dance .....

And she can break-dance too .....

Christmas Day 2009

It's been a very family Christmas this year. We went to DUMC for the 8.30am celebration on 25th morning. It was quite difficult to get everybody out the door by 7.30am but we managed.
Jaclyn Victor made a special appearance, upon special request by Pr Daniel. After church, we came home and Nana wanted to take some photos with the kids while I cooked (!!!)

Yes, I cooked. It was just pasta.
We were planning to let the kids sleep in the car while we travelled to Seremban after lunch. But my princess dozed off at lunch...
So we put her on the bed and she slept for the next 3 hours. We didn't go to Seremban till evening.
In Seremban, we went out to Parkson after dinner. Ah Kong had Joe choose a toy for his Christmas present and much to my surprise and Ah Kong's delight, he chose a toy golf set!
He had Ah Kong give him a golf lesson at home. The boys also imagined they were playing hockey!

They found the floor too smooth and Ah Kong told Joe he would teach him how to play on the grass the next morning.

After his golf lesson, Joe went out to a neighbour's house to feed a dog. I'm not quite sure why he found it so interesting but he did.

In the evening on Saturday, the boys went swimming. At night, we had a family dinner at home. Ah Mah cooked up a storm which looked much like a Chinese New Year feast. I forgot to take photos though.
Everybody went home today. It was certainly good to get together. We're quite looking forward to the next one at CNY and then to our family holiday in March.
The next few days will be quite busy too. It's gonna be a wonderful end to a wonderful year.

Joy-Anne sings...

I haven't had time to go through the photos taken on Christmas Day so here's something to keep Yee Yee entertained in the mean time...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Dinner

We spent Christmas Eve at home. Stress-free, jam-free and economical! Dinner was Dominos Pizza, Jusco roast chicken, coleslaw (homemade) and mashed potatoes (homemade).
This was the 2nd round - dessert. Cream puffs, fruit cake, cheese cake, coconut chocolates (from Melbourne), ice-cream, grape juice and Sheridans.

Joe wanted to pop the cork of the sparkling grape juice bottle. But I think it was a little gas-deficient so the final pop was kinda anti-climax.

Yee Yee called half way thru to get hear a bit of our Christmas cheer...

Then we started to open the presents.

A group photo before we started...

Joseph was quite happy. He could identify all those that belonged to him.

My dad tried out a new way of 'hanging' Ah Chor's new toy - a portable dvd player.

And this new decoration that now adorns my wall is from Nana.
Lovely, isn't it?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Blessed Christmas to everyone!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010!

May the love of Christ fill your hearts,

His joy fill your homes,

and his peace fill your minds...

at Christmas and all through the year ahead!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

playing together

I love seeing my two children play together when they are both in a good mood. Joseph can be such a good brother at times.

Fun at the Pyramid

We made a trip to Sunway Pyramid last night, with the main purpose of treating the kids to a ferris wheel ride.
Met up with the singapore clan for dinner first, and then we found out that the ferris wheel is not yet functioning. So the men and boys made their way to the adjacent area where we found this bumper car thingy. Joe was only too excited to have a go.
Of course it was so much more fun to have Joshua, Daniel and Sean there to bump into each other.

They had 2 rounds of fun.

I think the boys quite enjoyed themselves too. RM5 per ride.

Joe said it was cool. He was not at all afraid.

Joy-Anne didn't ask to ride the bumper cars. Thank God. After a while, she warmed up to Tua Um and let Tua Um carry her.

After Pyramid, we went to Ah Ku's new house at about 10pm. Yeah I know it was late. But the kids both napped for more than 3 hours in the afternoon so I figured they should be ok.

Ah Ku has a nice new big tv in a newly-repainted and renovated house.

This is the computer and probably storage room. It's still messy with boxes here and there.
Joe checked out the new washing machine. He can't do this with our top-loading one at home.

The kids were quite comfortable there and didn't want to go home.

When I told Joy we were going to Ah Ku's house, she said, "See my kim kim".

Ah Ku's and Kim Kim's brand new bed.
Joe had lots of fun running around and mopping Ah Ku's floor with his socks.
I forgot to take pictures of the very nice ceiling. Now Ah Ku's house looks nicer than ours.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

me and my hair

I had been itching (again!) about whether or not to cut my hair, or let it grow out and perhaps get a perm.

Finally, I decided that I like my naturally-very-healthy (according to the previous hair stylist) hair that I'm blessed with, and all I need is a good cut.

I tried out Chezz Technique (Jalan Gasing) back in July, out of sheer convenience. Popped over during my lunch break for a cut. A senior stylist, Katherine Loo cut a bob for me - shorter at the back, longer in the front. But I only really liked it in September when it grew slightly longer.

Then at the end of October, I found this new salon near my home which had a promo-RM20-cut and I gave it a try. Bad mistake.
The so-called-senior stylist was not as good as Katherine and it looked all wrong.

Now 2 months later, it's grown out again and I decided to pay Katherine a visit again. I asked her to cut it not-so-short this time so that I could still clip it at the back when I'm working.

One hour and RM62 later, I'm absolutely loving the results.

The cleaner in my clinic asked if I had my hair straightened. The answer is "NO!"

So I'm finally convinced - you get what you pay for. No more inexperienced stylist for me. Plus I really liked the massage that came with the hair wash.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Look Who's Talking Like a Grown-up

I rolled over onto Joy-Anne's babycot last night, stared into her pretty eyes and said, "Can mama sleep here?"
She said, "No. You go to your bed!"
Stunned, I said, "Say that again?"
Joy-Anne : You go to your bed!
Now where did she learn to talk like that? She's not yet 2 years old!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

1Utama on a public holiday.

We went to 1 Utama last night with the intention of catching a glimpse of Dora and Kai Lan at the Nickelodeon roadshow. It was all quite disappointing because Dora only appeared at 1pm and Kai lan at 3pm so this was all we saw...

So we went to look for dinner. I thought we would go back to Zuup. But it no longer exists. Chap lap already!

Barney car next to Zuup has also been changed

Daalin thought of going to Chili's. But the wait was too long. So we walked over to the old wing for Joe's regular yummy porridge at I Love Yoo!
After dinner, popped over to Waffle World for desserts.

The blueberry waffle was quite nice although the strawberry one was more crispy. Joy-Anne fed herself ice-cream with a butter knife.

We walked around the crowded place a while before making our way home.

We passed by a Ogawa display and this is the Booby Monster at work.... (Yee Yee, this picture is for your laughing pleasure.)
Note to self : avoid malls on a public holiday. Only go on 1 Jan to Chili's and make sure we get there before 6.30pm to get a table.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

more hair, more cheeky!

Just out of the blue, for the fun of it, I tied Joy's hair into 2 ponytails. To my surprise, she did not yank it out immediately. I thought she looked pretty cute, especially with the monkey face.
I absolutely love this cheeky face of hers.

She's now 2 days from turning 23 months old - the age when Joseph ditched diapers. Looks like she's not going to emulate her brother in this aspect.