Sunday, December 06, 2009

time in Penang

I realized on Thursday night that this is actually our first trip back to Penang this year! Our last trip back was almost exactly a year ago.

After the fun morning at the Adventure Zone, the kids napped and then we went to Tesco to buy some stuff afterwhich we went to pick up this highly-recommended trifle cheesecake. No occasion...oh well, maybe Yee Yee's birthday.
My grandma approved of it and the kids loved the jelly part. So we'll most likely order this for the surprise party next month.

On Saturday morning, I went to visit an ex-classmate who just gave birth. Jou Ching came to pick me up and we went to Ai Ling's place.
Joy-Anne found a new boyfriend. Jayden is 10 months older than her.

In the evening, we went to G Hotel for another ex-classmate's wedding.

It was a very lovely dinner. The couple put a lot of thought into making their guests feel appreciated. I loved the photo booth at the cocktail area where the pro-photographer took your photo and then instantly printed it out and put it into a nice custom-made frame inscribed with the date and venue.

Joseph found a new hobby - photography!
Joy happily smiled for her brother

He went around taking photos of everything and everyone!

The kids were very happy. I love this candid shot.
Even at 11pm, they were all happily running around on the dance floor.
It's been great. I think the kids like Penang.


  1. Joe takes good photos. He did not cut off anyone's head!

    Where are the candles on my bday cake?

  2. yes he did cut off a lot of heads...I didn't post those.

    no candles for you la...why want to let everybody know your age ah? :-)

  3. since yr kids love Penang, then u should bring them back to Penang more often! hehe.
    or move back here to Penang la! :):)

  4. cannot move here la....edwin got no work...