Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Papa is home!

Daalin came home early yesterday morning after spending 10 days in Melbourne working with a counterpart at Deakin University.

I'm happy my supply of muesli has been replenished. Daaling managed to lug back 11kg of it. Hopefully this should last me till after Chinese New Year.
He also had some goodies for the kids - Bob and Dora toys.
Later in the day, Joe taught his father how to use the iPhone to play games.

I'm sure he felt pretty clever and useful...

Then Papa tuned his brand new guitar and he tested it. It still needs a while for the strings to get seasoned.

Half-sized 30" guitar for RM119, from Euphony Music (Ikano). My friend's shop (Bentley Music) probably has a better-sounding one but it was a three-quarter-size which is 6inches longer.

We'll wait and see how he takes to it to decide if we should get a better, bigger one when he grows.
I'm so glad my floor-mopper is home!


  1. Welcome home Papa!
    Joe looks good with the guitar.
    Did u buy him the 1/2 size?
    Could you post a close-up of gripper and grabber?

  2. wow! that's a lot of toys and muesli! :) yeah i agree, Joe looks good with the guitar!

  3. that's only half of the muesli he carted back!