Tuesday, December 22, 2009

me and my hair

I had been itching (again!) about whether or not to cut my hair, or let it grow out and perhaps get a perm.

Finally, I decided that I like my naturally-very-healthy (according to the previous hair stylist) hair that I'm blessed with, and all I need is a good cut.

I tried out Chezz Technique (Jalan Gasing) back in July, out of sheer convenience. Popped over during my lunch break for a cut. A senior stylist, Katherine Loo cut a bob for me - shorter at the back, longer in the front. But I only really liked it in September when it grew slightly longer.

Then at the end of October, I found this new salon near my home which had a promo-RM20-cut and I gave it a try. Bad mistake.
The so-called-senior stylist was not as good as Katherine and it looked all wrong.

Now 2 months later, it's grown out again and I decided to pay Katherine a visit again. I asked her to cut it not-so-short this time so that I could still clip it at the back when I'm working.

One hour and RM62 later, I'm absolutely loving the results.

The cleaner in my clinic asked if I had my hair straightened. The answer is "NO!"

So I'm finally convinced - you get what you pay for. No more inexperienced stylist for me. Plus I really liked the massage that came with the hair wash.


  1. Yes, the results is great. Good for you. What did Edwin say?

  2. i really like your haircut too. take me there next time.

  3. Nice!!!

    I discover a home-based hair stylist around my mum's area. Very nice house (a semi-d) / atmosphere (especially this time where she has well decorated her house for x'mas).
    She gives opinion about the hair....
    more importantly, can negotiate the price with her.... RM20+ i think...
    but maybe too far for u lar..
    if u happen to go Subang, itz not too far from there.

  4. Can you gimme her number and exact address??? Haircut is so expensive in Adelaide and I'm gonna get one bob like your previous haircut from her! Thanks!!!

  5. I think it's 40 Jalan Gasing. My clinic is 52 Jln Gasing. You can google for their website. Chezz Technique. My stylist is Katherine Loo.

  6. sorry gave you wrong add... it's 64 Jalan Gasing. Right next to SK La Salle.