Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When I grow up, a doctor I will be

Joy-Anne first encountered a toy stethescope at our cell leader's house. She seemed to know what it was for. Putting it to her ear, she would say, "I'm a doctor" even at about 19-20 months old.

Back home, she would find some paper or string and pretend it's a stethescope. So since Ah Chor gave me money and told me to me to get her a christmas present, I bought a Doctor Playset for her. She was so happy. Here she is giving Matthew a check-up.

She will talk to Matthew, tell him to "say ahh..." and pretend to put a supp up Matthew's butt.

Joseph was even more happy. The 2 of them will check each other, playing doctor and nurse.

Last night my conversation with Joe went something like this :

J : Mama, what can money do?

M : Buy things. (I was driving...had to concentrate. So short answers.)

J : What else can money do?

M : Buy food.

J : And what else can money do? Buy toys?

M : Yes, can buy toys.

J : How do you get money?

M : You work. (Then I explained to him various jobs, and how you get paid for work done.)

J : So when I grow up, what can I do?

M : I don't know now. We'll see what you like to do when you grow up. That's why you have to go to school now, study hard so that when you grow up you can get a good job.

J : I know....I can be a gardener!

M : Hmm..... err... Joe.... different jobs require different skills and you get different amount of money. Some jobs like gardener and road sweeper don't get earn a lot of money.

J : Ok mama...I change my mind. I want to be a doctor.

M : We'll see....


  1. Eh....gardener also can earn big bucks. This kind of gardener are called land scape expert.

  2. eh? how come open christmas presents so early? must wait until christmas rite? heheh........

  3. forgot to add this :
    Joe seems to think that Doctors earn a lot of $$$ which is why he wants to be one???

  4. I'm telling him that clowns earn more money...better be a clown!

  5. oh and open early because I didn't buy wrapping paper so didn't wrap.

  6. tell Joe he can be a doctor of anything. even gardening. Like his Mama is a doctor of teeth and his Papa is a doctor of engineering.

  7. Your gardener costume during the kindy party must have left a deep impression on him :-)