Monday, November 06, 2006

time flies

It's been 2 months since I quit the civil service (and lost the facility of broadband). Working in private practice is so very different. I used to have about 30 patients waiting for me as soon as I arrived at the clinic. Now I sit and shake legs most of the time. During lucrative times, I can earn more than RM200 in an hour. But when there's no patients, oh well....I sit and read everything from Women's Weekly to Men's Health.

Joseph has past the 18month milestone. He's learning new words everyday and learning to throw a tantrum too. Here's the prince on his throne.

At times he can be so cute he melts your heart. Many times I find that I underestimate him. Last week, during a meal, he kept fidgeting and trying to stand up to climb out of his high chair. We used the cane to keep him in his seat. After dinner, much to my horror, I found his legs covered with mosquito bites. No wonder he was trying to get out of the seat. He was in fact trying to avoid the mosquitoes. I felt so bad.

Then another night while I was trying to put him to bed, he rolled on my bed till he found the hand fan. Immediately he stood up, walked to the side of the bed, put the fan on my bedside table and said, "keep!". Then he went back to the middle of the bed, laid down, hugged his Barney bolster and went to sleep. I was speechless.

We went back to Penang last month for 10 days over the DeepaRaya break. The main reason was of course to attend John and Ai Ling's wedding.

It was good to meet up with so many ex-classmates. I had not met some for more than 10 years since we left school. And especially cool that we now have kids of our own.

Joseph has friends. He can point to Janae in the picture above and say, "mei mei". Then he points to Nathaniel and says, "nat". Nat loves to hug. Joseph obliges him.

On 1st November, we celebrated Edwin's 30th birthday. He was kinda nostalgic about hitting the big 3-0. But I told him he's done pretty well in 3 decades and there's a lot of blessings to count.

The next day 2nd November marked our 4th wedding anniversary. Four good years. Sure we've had our fair share of arguements and disagreements. But I wouldn't trade it for anything else. Life is good.