Monday, February 28, 2011

YeeYee buy. Mama pay.

New Lightning McQueen swimpants and rashguard. Size 7/8. YeeYee buy. Mama pay money.
New pink sunglasses. USD3. YeeYee buy. Mama pay money.

Joe's Texas t-shirt from Elizabeth's Ah Mah and Joy's polo t-shirt that YeeTeow bought. But mama pay money.

And I've no idea why they like to climb on to the sofa like this....
Good thing I didn't buy this sofa. So there's no heartache.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

HomeBlessing Party with Luscious Treats

I just had the most delicious western my own home!!!

We organized an 'official' homeblessing/housewarming with our immediate family, CG, Senior Pastor, Zone Pastor, Ministry Pastor and our ministry 'colleagues'. It was a wonderful time of worship, prayer and testimony to God's goodness, faithfulness and providence.

And how you may ask did I find this wonderful caterer who single-handedly cooked all the mouth-watering fare. Well I first found her cousin who makes cupcakes and the likes when I googled for cakes for my dad's birthday. But her cousin was unable to bake on the date I wanted and so referred me to Azlin, telling me that her lasagne was "to die for". However Azlin was also unable to cook on 1st Jan and so referred me to another cousin who did the little cupcakes for my dad's 65th birthday. Culinary skills sure runs in the family!
From Luscious Treats we had Chicken Lasagne, Beef Shepherd's Pie, Lamb meatballs with Minty Yoghurt Dip...

...Tomato Salsa Bruschetta...

...sweet and spicy chicken wings...

...baked custard tartlets...

...brownie cheesecake... tuna puffs... chicken sausage rolls...

...and this was a last minute bonus which was not in the original menu.... marshmallow treats! Everyone ate and overate to their hearts content and we still had plenty of leftovers. Most were surprised to know that a malay lady cooked such wonderful western delights. KongKong said the chicken lasagne is wayyyyy better than any restaurant's. Joe said he liked "the potato on the shepherd's pie". This is coming from a kid who eats chicken rice without chicken and wan tan mee without wan tan.

Me....I'm looking forward to walloping the leftovers tomorrow because I was too busy to properly savour the food tonight. Oh and the cost...RM15 per head - delicious value for money!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New bicycles in our new home

It was a quiet day at work and I felt prompted to google for children's bicycles.

We have been planning to get bicycles for the kids but the old home was not conducive. There was no place to store and no place to ride since the terrain is too hilly.

Now that we're in our new home, there's a spacious lift lobby and flat ground all around the condo compound.

Low and behold, I found an ad for not one but three (!!!) bicycles for sale, 2 of which are LeRun bikes. I'm not too informed about bicycle brands but I think this is a decent one because I've heard of it. We bought the 'package' of 3 bikes, 2 helmets and 2 bicycle locks from the very nice man. Needless to say, the kids were thrilled beyond words.
The biggest bike (adult size) couldn't fit in the car so we'll have to make another trip when the YongPengTribe comes with their MPV.

I'm absolutely certain this is another of God's blessings because we concluded the sale barely 2 hours after the seller posted the ad. Now mama can ride with the kids while papa jogs and watch for cars!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

swimming in pink

I went to Jusco 1Utama to check out the pre-renovation clearance sale, looking for electrical items but ended up buying a swimsuit (size 10!!!) for my princess. Ogival - RM30 only. Particularly love the coverage over the shoulders and neck to keep her warm from cold wind and the pretty skirt.

And... Nana is back!!! With lots of goodies too!
Thanks Yee Yee for the pink sunglasses! I love it!!!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Sembawang Splash Park - revisit

We made another visit to Sembawang Splash Park this morning. The weather was absolutely lovely and the kids had a blast!While the boys ran straight for it, Joy-Anne took a while to actually get herself wet.
If we had gone to the WaterPlay at the Singapore Zoo, we would have spent a LOT of money on admission fees.

While this is all FREE!!! Wonderfully FREE!

I read that there's a similar thing back home at the Mines Shopping Centre but when you're not on holiday, you just don't have the time to go. And when you are free to go, everyone else is also free making the place very crowded.

I was very surprised that we almost had the whole Splash Park to ourselves this morning. Hardly half a dozen other kids considering it's a public holiday. Maybe all the Singaporeans are in Johor busy shopping or visiting to collect ang pow.

The water aside, I think the best part for Joe is just spending time with his brothers...
...that's what Chinese New Year is about after all - spending time with family!
Blessed Chinese New Year to everyone!