Saturday, January 01, 2011

Blessed Birthday 1.1.11

We started the new year with a celebration - Kong Kong is 65 years old today!
We wished him happy birthday at the stroke of midnight, while at Watchnight Celebration in DUMC last night.

After a late morning, we went to Uncle Paulemen & Aunty Sharon's new home for lunch. 4 families with 9 kids - the kids tested the home for kid-friendliness and it passed. I don't know what it is with kids...or maybe it's just my kids but they absolutely love jumping on sofas. While we normally put our rear end on the sofa, they like to climb up, throw all the cushions on the floor and then dive into the pile of cushions.

The adults were treated to a sumptuous home-cooked lunch. Pasta, pork ribs, etc and Pauline made heavenly tiramisu!

At night, we had a family dinner celebration at TGIF Subang Parade. Location decided based on accessibility for my grandmother.

I made prior reservations and we had a very cozy round table.

The birthday boy had a margarita.
Joe enjoyed the fried mozzarella again.

And Joy just enjoyed her porridge and jumping around.

The Fridays guys brought out the cake after our meal.

I ordered mini double-chocolate muffettes from Wiz, arranged the numbers myself and sent it to TGIF earlier in the day.

But barely 2 hours after I dropped off the cake, TGIF called to say there had been an accident and they squashed 7 of the mini cupcakes. Luckily I had extras at home.

So as 'compensation', we got the mini desserts on the house.

The manager was very nicely apologetic about the incident and the guys there sang a very nice birthday song so I forgive them :-)
The kids enjoyed the dessert and it was a lovely evening. There will be three more birthdays this month. Joy turns 3 on the 18th, my grandmother will be 86 on 21st and then it will be my birthday on the 30th. Four generations in one month!
Blessed New Year .... it's gonna be a blessed BETTER year!

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  1. Hi! I love the buffafly idea and also the way the muffs serenade the special celebration. I think I don't mind getting the muffs squashed in exchanged for free desserts!

    Thanks for the order and have a wonderful new year!