Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moving into the Promised Land

Joy-Anne turned 3 years old on 18 January 2011. On her birthday, I plopped her on the weighing scale and the reading totally shocked me! I had thought that with Nana gone, she would be less nourished and well, not gain so much weight.

So that's extra weight to lug into the Promised Land...

Some time back, I wrote about why we call it OUR Promised Land. We finally marched into our promised land yesterday - 11 days short of one year to the day we first viewed it.
We had planned to move in before Christmas. But God had other plans.

While I had previously mentioned to Daaling that we are 'enlarging our tents' after 7 years - just like DUMC, he now mentioned to me that we are moving right after a stretch of 14 days-5.30am fast and prayer - just like DUMC did before the church moved into the current premises. (The church had a 21-day fast and prayer before moving.)

And this is only possible because of the delay in renovation works.

The main delay was in the woodwork - the blade at the factory broke and a suitable replacement could not be found. So the contractor outsourced it but the results were not acceptable to him. He rejected everything and started again from scratch. I had initially forgotten to tell him that I wanted the kitchen cabinets to have hidden 'handles'. By the time I told him, he had already outsourced it and manufacturing was in progress. As a result of the redo, I got what I wanted.

This new home is a testament of God's providence and faithfulness. He has led and provided every step of the way. What a faith-building exercise it has been!

It is certainly our hope and desire that this home will be a blessing to many other people.

p/s : Guests are welcome. Advanced notice appreciated.


  1. err..i think u meant 18 January 2011 (not 2001 as stated in yr post)

    hehe...19kg, well tht shows that Edwin & yrself did a good job in keeping her well nourished whilst Nana is away! :)

    thanks for sharing the testimony of God's faithfulness. happy for you guys. cant wait to pay you guys a visit and stay in the "Promised Land"! haha...

  2. wanna book overnight stay for my son in the toy/playroom. J said got castle and train stand?

  3. Congrats...
    I love the simple, cosy and spacious feeling of the home....

  4. Happy moving into your promise land!

  5. ahh...weelyn you're right. should be 2011. my brain a bit slow...must be coz getting older ;-)

    huiwearn - can... but not yet ya... that part still under construction.

  6. heheh.... okie dokie.....
    now that your tent's enlarged.... time to add on the number of occupants?

    May the LORD continue to provide for you and your family as you all walk step by step in faith. And I also thank Him for the good memories that we share here in PPC!

  7. thank you everyone.

    hw - yes...working on increasing the number of occupants.

  8. Nice home. God will continue to bless your family richly n abundantly :)