Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Castle in the Promised Land

There is a slide in my house that is older than I am. My parents had it made for my older sister. But since she now lives on the other side of the planet and my brother does not yet have kids who can play with it, I am priviledged to possess it. So I made plans to incorporate it into a 'castle'. It's probably the closest to my childhood dream of a treehouse.

After lots of online research, I had some idea about what I wanted - a loft that is accessed by a rock-climbing wall, a 'kitchen' underneath and the slide by the side.

At the same time, a friend asked if I wanted to buy her used Ikea loft bed. And so that's how this blueprint came about...

I 'drew' this blueprint and gave it to my contractor. He gave me a funny look. Like I was mad.

Nevertheless, the castle arrived today!

The kids are so happy. But of course.
I bought the handholds from Corezone. Cost about RM35 each if I remember correctly. Joseph has no problems climbing up by himself. But Joy needs help and that's how I want it because I don't want her going up all by herself.

Joy-Anne's kitchen is underneath the loft, with a small cafe window. I plan to put up a sign over the window that says "J and J cafe".
And she's gonna cook lots of yummy food for me!


  1. you bought the handholds and fixed them yourself? no need the ladder?
    we are so gonna visit you guys soon!

  2. brilliant idea! :)
    ok, we're definitely making a trip down to stay with you! hahaha... :P
    rachel & samuel are so going to love the castle....

    the last pic with Joy looking out the window, at the first glance, i actually thought i was looking at you ( a mini you of course )! wow..Joy is looking more and more like you..

  3. I bought the handholds myself and passed to the contractor. Owner of Corezone is a former schoolmate (several years my senior) and also my ex-teacher's daughter.

  4. Woah! This is fantastic - you are an exceptional Mummy, Joe and Joy are so blessed :) A bit of a climb to change the bed sheet?

  5. If i m a kid now, surely i want to play in your castle. Very nice.

  6. Hi Jane...I get Joe to do the bedsheet from the top and I pull it neat from underneath.

  7. Whoa! It's every child's dream. Well done.