Sunday, January 16, 2011

Joy is 3...almost!

We had an early birthday celebration for my princess... Though it wasn't a real big birthday bash, it was enough to make her very happy.

Ah Kong, Ah Mah, Ah Ku & Kim Kim and the 2 great-grandmothers were Joy's birthday guests.

Unable to decide where to eat, we finally decided to eat at home.

A few days ago, while at Jaya Grocer, Joy pointed to the boxes of Ferrero Rocher on display and said, "Mama, can you please buy this for me?" I asked her if she knew what that was and to my surprise (and horror!!!) she said, "chocolate!" So Ah Ku bought some for her and fed it to her....

...without my permission!!!

As promised... the princess got her PINK princess Dora cake.

Kinda out of proportion because Dora is a lot shorter than Barbie but Joy didn't seem to notice nor care.

Last week, she told me, "You must shake my hand and wish me happy birthday. You must!!!"

And she added, "Everybody must wear pink party hat...if not.... no cake!!!"

So everybody wore pink party hats that mama made.

A year ago, she used to get upset when I told that she didn't look nor sound like a 2-year old. Now, she happily says she is three years old.

She can proudly proclaim she is a big girl one minute and the next minute, she tells me "Your baby cry". And when I ask her, "Who is my baby?" she says, "me la!"

Yes, almost three years 2 days time.

Three years seem to have flown by.
I think time goes by faster with every kid you have.

Joy happily fed herself the cake...

But she didn't eat a lot and guess who had to finish it up...

Very nice (in my opinion) mango cake covered with PINK fresh cream from Raspberry Cake House (Sunway Metro).

And since Dora is not made of fondant, she gets to keep Dora.

Happy Birthday my darling princess...
May the Lord grant us wisdom and patience to teach you His ways, and may you walk faithfully with Jesus all the days of your life!


  1. lovely pics! the cake looks yummy and Joy looks so super duper happy! :)
    she is such a cute.

    good job with the pink hats! and where are the pics of the PINK clown in action? hehe...

    ok..still 1 day early, nevertheless, BLESSED BIRTHDAY, Joy-Anne! May the Lord continue to bless you and may you grow up to be a beautiful girl that loves and seeks after God!
    lots of hugs & kisses from rachel, samuel, aunty wee lyn & uncle tairven.

  2. Hi Joy's mommy! :)
    I was researching about Raspberry Cakehouse (as I love the one Selina's ordered for her daughter) and I found your blog... Love your blog about your kids... don't they grow up too fast? :) Will check out more posts later ... take care & see you soon

    Ching Ching