Saturday, October 29, 2011

Couple Buffet at Jogoya

My last indulgence before baby arrives.... Jogoya @ Starhill Gallery is having a couple promotion i.e. Buy1Free1 only for Saturday lunch. But the promo expires this month. It's still Buy1Free1 for ladies on Mondays to Thursdays till 20 Dec 2011.
So we paid a total of RM98.30 for 2 of us. Well worth the money I would say. But you'll not find me here if I had to pay full price per person.

I think I had 3 coconuts. Very fragrant!

Haagen Dazs and New Zealand Naturals ice cream satisfied my sweet tooth! Hey...dentists can have a sweet tooth and still be tooth decay-free!

I'm not sure how much ice cream I had but I'm sure it made up for the weight loss at the last gynae check up.

And I know sashimi and pregnancy shouldn't go together but oh well... doesn't matter lah!

Now that my tummy's happy, labour can start anytime....I'm all ready - bring it on baby!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Two, Three or more - almost ready!

It's two weeks to due date and I think I'm quite ready.

Still, I don't think baby will arrive much earlier if any earlier. From past experiences, neither babies wanted to come out. They were so comfy in there we had to evict them by force.

I was pregnant for a full 41 weeks with Joseph. Seven days past due date and there was still no dilation no contractions. His movements were also not satisfactory and so they wheeled me straight into the OT. Joe came out blue with the umbilical cord firmly around his neck three times!

Because of this, I was not allowed to go past due date with Joy. My gynae gave me up to 2 days before due date. Thank God I had a show just the day before I walked in to hospital to be induced. Dr Kalavathi of Seremban Specialist Hospital was most helpful in helping me deliver Joy naturally. No epidural! Hospital bill was less than RM2000 and I walked out of hospital with my princess barely 24 hours after she was born.

This time round, I'm hoping to do without an episiotomy. Then I can be jumping around the next day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Two, three or more - approaching D-date!

I realize that it's been a long time since I updated about our two, three or more plan. Well at the moment, it's no longer just two. No.3 is almost arriving!

I'm just past the 36 weeks mark and the due date is fast approaching. The kids are excited to meet their new sister. Yes, the gynae has confirmed baby is a girl (and I saw for myself) although I've been bumping into this old aunty in the church toilet for 2 consecutive Sundays now who keeps insisting that I'm carrying a boy.

I've put on about 12kg to date and everything seems to be right in front. Tummy is pretty low with plenty of pelvic pressure making it impossible for me to get through the night without getting up to pee.

The hospital bag is more or less packed and baby's clothes are ready in the drawer. Got my hair cut, and done most of the necessary shopping. Now I wonder if I can just leave my pink nail polish on my toes when I go in for delivery....

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Ballet for my princess

Joy finally asked for ballet classes. Some 2 weeks ago, she came up to me and said, "Mummy, I seriously want to learn ballet! Seriously!!!" So after a delightfully happy (and FREE!) trial class, we signed her up. I like this place because the teacher is really friendly and they are not too fussy.
For Joy's toddler class, they can pick any leotard/tutu of their choice, even if they want to buy from outside. Their fees are also very reasonable and she can stop anytime her interest wanes.
So I got her a pair of hand-me-down ballet shoes from a friend and handmade her skirt with some organza I had bought earlier (but didn't know what to do with).

I have no intentions of pushing her to be a prima donna ballerina though I won't object if she really wants to. For now, I'm just happy to see her so happy every Friday.

After all, that smile on her face is so absolutely priceless!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Canteen Day - caring for my sister

Joseph's kindy had a Canteen Day for 6-year-olds yesterday. It was like a practical lesson as part of the syllabus in learning about money.

So I packed the RM10 in various denominations as suggested by his teacher and advised him not to buy junk like sweets, lollipops and other junk food. I also reminded him that there was no need to spend the entire RM10 just for the sake of spending.

He came home from school pretty happy because for one thing, there was no chinese lesson because of Canteen Day.

As soon as he got into the car, he took out the bottle of Vitagen that he bought for his sister. I asked him whether he bought one for himself and he said he already drank it up during snack time along with the pack of snacks (fishball + nugget + sausage) he bought.

Joseph also bought a cute little pink dinosaur eraser for his sister.

And for himself, he bought a mechanical pencil. Altogether, he spent RM3.95 and brought home the balance of RM6.05. I told him I was very pleased that he thought of his sister and didn't just spend on himself.

Last Saturday, he also showed his caring side without being prompted. We were at Children's Church and just before it started, Daalin took both kids to the loo (actually Joe went by himself) while I went to return the library books and then went to the loo.

When I got back to Hall 1, Daalin was already on stage leading worship. I looked around for Joy and finally found her standing next to her Joseph who had his arm around her shoulder. Since she looked pretty fine, I just stood at a distance behind her without her knowledge.

A short while later, pastor's wife who was standing behind them came to tell me that Joy cried for me but Joseph quickly asked her to stay with him and took care of her. She said was so encouraged to see Joseph take care of his little sister.

I just know he's gonna be a wonderful kor kor to 2 little sisters. Especially when he has his "nobody bullies my sister except me!" policy....