Monday, October 10, 2011

Two, three or more - approaching D-date!

I realize that it's been a long time since I updated about our two, three or more plan. Well at the moment, it's no longer just two. No.3 is almost arriving!

I'm just past the 36 weeks mark and the due date is fast approaching. The kids are excited to meet their new sister. Yes, the gynae has confirmed baby is a girl (and I saw for myself) although I've been bumping into this old aunty in the church toilet for 2 consecutive Sundays now who keeps insisting that I'm carrying a boy.

I've put on about 12kg to date and everything seems to be right in front. Tummy is pretty low with plenty of pelvic pressure making it impossible for me to get through the night without getting up to pee.

The hospital bag is more or less packed and baby's clothes are ready in the drawer. Got my hair cut, and done most of the necessary shopping. Now I wonder if I can just leave my pink nail polish on my toes when I go in for delivery....


  1. i doubt they'll let u leave the nail polish on.
    i did that during R's time and the midwife was utterly horrified that i didnt wipe off the nail polish before i went in for delivery! she was saying 'why never wipe off, cannot la, blah blah blah'.
    i was like 'hey, how i know la, it's my first time!' haha

    can't wait to hear the good news on the arrival of No 3 :)

  2. My little girl has the exact small dress that Joy is wearing :-) The plan for three "or more" is still on?

  3. Well three is almost here.... As for more...we'll see la how we cope:-)