Friday, October 21, 2011

Two, Three or more - almost ready!

It's two weeks to due date and I think I'm quite ready.

Still, I don't think baby will arrive much earlier if any earlier. From past experiences, neither babies wanted to come out. They were so comfy in there we had to evict them by force.

I was pregnant for a full 41 weeks with Joseph. Seven days past due date and there was still no dilation no contractions. His movements were also not satisfactory and so they wheeled me straight into the OT. Joe came out blue with the umbilical cord firmly around his neck three times!

Because of this, I was not allowed to go past due date with Joy. My gynae gave me up to 2 days before due date. Thank God I had a show just the day before I walked in to hospital to be induced. Dr Kalavathi of Seremban Specialist Hospital was most helpful in helping me deliver Joy naturally. No epidural! Hospital bill was less than RM2000 and I walked out of hospital with my princess barely 24 hours after she was born.

This time round, I'm hoping to do without an episiotomy. Then I can be jumping around the next day!


  1. Oh! Didn't know you had such a dangerous situation with Joseph! Giving birth in Seremban again this round?

  2. This time round in assunta. So all 3 babies in 3 states, 3 different hospitals, 3 different gynaes. Joe was born in HKL coz in was still in the civil service then.

  3. Wishing you a smooth delivery and without episiotomy..Pray for a fast delivery too :) Take care