Saturday, October 29, 2011

Couple Buffet at Jogoya

My last indulgence before baby arrives.... Jogoya @ Starhill Gallery is having a couple promotion i.e. Buy1Free1 only for Saturday lunch. But the promo expires this month. It's still Buy1Free1 for ladies on Mondays to Thursdays till 20 Dec 2011.
So we paid a total of RM98.30 for 2 of us. Well worth the money I would say. But you'll not find me here if I had to pay full price per person.

I think I had 3 coconuts. Very fragrant!

Haagen Dazs and New Zealand Naturals ice cream satisfied my sweet tooth! Hey...dentists can have a sweet tooth and still be tooth decay-free!

I'm not sure how much ice cream I had but I'm sure it made up for the weight loss at the last gynae check up.

And I know sashimi and pregnancy shouldn't go together but oh well... doesn't matter lah!

Now that my tummy's happy, labour can start anytime....I'm all ready - bring it on baby!

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