Tuesday, February 20, 2007

gong xi gong xi

It's been a wonderful week in Seremban for chinese new year. We travelled here on Thursday, stopping by Nilai to pick up an outfit Reuben bought for Joseph.

He also got a matching outfit for himself. After dressing Joe in the cute outfit, he took Joe for a walk around his office to show off to his colleagues.

In Seremban, Joe enjoyed himself playing with his cousins. This time, being older he could play better and could even say "Daniel". Daniel is now his favourite cousin. In fact, the look like brothers. They had a splashing time, going to the club to swim EVERYDAY! Joe surprised me by daring to go on the poolslide. He loved climbing up one step and jumping into his father's arms, making a big splash in the process.

On Sunday (first day of CNY), we dressed him up to go to church. He certainly was very attention-grabbing. It was quite hot outside but he obediently obliged me by staying in his outfit and looking cute.

We waited till Monday night to toss yee sang when Joyce, David and Brandon came back.

Here's Joe thinking of what to do with his ang pow money....
I think I'll save up for that Lightning McQueen bedsheet my mother has been eyeing for my new bed.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

bumps and cars

Joe rolled off the bed one night and bumped his head. I had to take a photo of his blue-black. Check out his mug shot.
It was blue-black for several days. Poor kid.

Last Sunday, I saw him happily playing with his bunch of toy cars. What I saw made me run for the camera.

Joe had arranged his cars according to the colours, and in the correct orientation. My mother put one car in the wrong direction. And Joe said, "Turn!" So smart kid!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pretty flowers at The Curve

We went to The Curve to check out the pretty CNY decorations on Thursday. The flowers were indeed a lovely sight. There was even real grass!

I tried to teach Joseph to do the 'gong xi gong xi'. It was a tiring time chasing him around and getting him to look at the camera. Taking photos of a hyperactive toddler is sure no easy feat. Finally after a pretty long time and lots of "joe, look here...look here! LOOK HERE!!!!" I got this one nice shot.

He's like saying "gong xi fatt chai! Hong pau na lai!".

And then...

now where did that ang pow go?