Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Joseph

A year has passed. Joseph is already one. Sometimes if feels like just yesterday when I felt like I was going to be pregnant forever. Other times, it really feels like it's been a long long time since I was lying in that cold freezing OT.
He's grown so much. 11.2kg is a lot of weight to carry around when he wants to be rocked to sleep. And gosh....he's got so much energy. He's moving every waking moment. There's not a minute when he sits still. Everything round is "ball". He points to the moon, balloons, apple, orange, watermelon etc and says "ball". Actually, his own head is pretty round too. He's bulat. I'm bo-lat!
We had a party to celebrate his birthday. It was on Easter Day. What a celebration of life! Family and friends made the event memorable. There was so much food... pizza, roast chicken, chee cheong fun, curry chicken, beef rendang, char siew, lor mai fun, coleslaw, siew mai, curry puff and of course Joseph's birthday cake which was a deliciously moist chocolate cake in the shape of the number 1. Joseph took a swipe at the cake when we sang his Happy Birthday song and then contentedly sucked the chocolate fudge coating off his finger, smearing chocolate fudge on his entire face in the process. Boy, did he enjoy his cake!

After the singing and the feasting, Reuben gave a short magic show with the Easter message. The party ended quite early enabling Joseph to go to bed not too late. He was so extremely exhausted that it really didn't take us long to put him to bed. All the excitement must have worn him out. Happy 1st Birthday Joseph. We look forward to celebrating many more of your birthdays!

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

muscle man

heeeyaaaahhhh!!!! Check out my muscles! Mummy says I feel solid like a kampung chicken. Not surprising.....I've been working out. (more like lifting and throwing everything in sight) Got to look good at my birthday party. 8 more days to go...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

so gross...

I did a scaling today..... on a denture! Gosh it was so gross. I've never scaled a denture before. Dentures are not supposed to need scaling. The the best of my knowledge, calculus (not the math you do in college) does not 'grow' on dentures.
So anyway, this middle-aged lady came in one minute before the counter closed and asked to cuci gigi palsu. Then she took this super gross-looking, plaque-covered full lower denture out of her mouth. One glance and I knew I didn't want to touch this thing. So I held it with a tweezer, took it to the sink and rinsed it with a copious amount of water while brushing away the plaque all the while thinking to myself that this is not what I was taught in dental school to do. And neither am I paid to brush dentures. After brushing away the plaque which the lady could have easily done so with her own toothbrush at home, I stared at the chunk of calculus on the lingual surface of the denture. It was the size of an almond nut! This is not scaling. It's rock-blasting! So I used the scaler to 'rock-blast' the chunk of calculus off the denture all the while giving the lady a lecture on how she should brush her dentures and take better care of them. She said she brushes them. I said no, if you brush them they wouldn't get this dirty...blah blah blah...
In the end, she didn't pay the RM2 we charge for scaling because there is no fee scale for scaling dentures. Lucky her. I hope she takes better care so that I don't have to do that gross job again.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

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