Wednesday, December 26, 2007

fat pictures

36 weeks plus....and waiting for baby's arrival...

beached whale/hippo

I hope she doesn't make me wait like Joe did. My back's aching and tired. It's difficult to fall asleep at night. Funny how when you're trying to conceive, you can't wait to get pregnant. But after 9 months, you can't wait to get thin again.

I managed to get these few cute pictures with Joe yesterday. I think he's starting to like his sister. Two days ago he kissed my tummy and said, "mmmuuuuaakkK! I kiss mei mei"
This morning he told me, "I sleep in my bed, you sleep in your bed".
When we fixed back the rail for the baby cot 2 days ago, he happily came to help and said, "I help papa fix babycot for mei mei".

Family Christmas

Last night we had a family Christmas dinner party. This is probably the first time we've had such a large gathering since Ah Kong's funeral in 1994. Thanks to Reuben who initiated and organized it!

Plenty of food.... organic noodles by Goh Yee, Indonesian rojak by Bueh yee, fruit salad by Jee Yee, Domino's pizza, fried chicken from Murni...

Handsome men chit chatting...

Jennifer and Joanne (all night, Joe kept calling her "Ah Ku girlfriend".)

Joe making himself very at home on the sofa (he made a big mess....throwing all the cushions on the floor and then jumping on to them and saying it's his swimming pool!)

Must stand up and sing after all that eating.

Joe 'hiding' while we were busy...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Latest antics...

My nen nen so big!

Mama, I take your picture, you take my picture. Say cheese....chik chak!

Joe : Hello on fire!

Me : Call fireman dial what number?

Joe : 999

Nana singing....

Jesus in the morning
Jesus in the noontime
Jesus till the sun goes down."

Joe responds : And the moon come out!

Phrases learnt from watching Veggietales...

"I can't dance!"

"I learnt to dance!"

"I want my money back!"

Snow at The Curve

It's happening everyday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm (as long as it doesn't rain) till the end of the year. Yup! Who says it doesn't snow in Malaysia?

Joe had plenty of fun catching the 'snow'. It's actually foam but looks pretty realistic.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

pretty mall deco

Joe has been fascinated with Christmas trees lately. He's just so happy to look at all those huge gigantic trees in shopping malls. Thus far, we've taken him to check out the deco at Midvalley Megamall, 1-Utama and The Curve. I definitely think Curve has the prettiest deco amongst the 3 malls.

This is at Midvalley Centercourt.

Midvalley SouthCourt

at The Curve last night...

my 34-week pregnant belly

Unfortunately my photo-taking skills and camera do not do justice to the decorations there. It really looks so much better than in my pictures.

We also had dinner at Ikea and Joe tried to look funny...
We always have fun at Ikea....but that'll be another post.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

fun with my cousin

My cousin Brandon was here for 10 days from 24 Novermber till 1 December. What a fun time we had! We messed up the house a lot. There were toys everywhere! Mama said it made her tired just looking at the messy living room.
So Mama took us to Ikea for some fun.

Don't we look so cute together......

Here the kampung boy suddenly started taking off his shoes and socks. I'm the city boy. I keep my footwear on.

Christmas trees everywhere....I can say "Merry Christmas!"
We also had fun at the playground.

I'm so looking forward to the next time we can play together!