Wednesday, December 26, 2007

fat pictures

36 weeks plus....and waiting for baby's arrival...

beached whale/hippo

I hope she doesn't make me wait like Joe did. My back's aching and tired. It's difficult to fall asleep at night. Funny how when you're trying to conceive, you can't wait to get pregnant. But after 9 months, you can't wait to get thin again.

I managed to get these few cute pictures with Joe yesterday. I think he's starting to like his sister. Two days ago he kissed my tummy and said, "mmmuuuuaakkK! I kiss mei mei"
This morning he told me, "I sleep in my bed, you sleep in your bed".
When we fixed back the rail for the baby cot 2 days ago, he happily came to help and said, "I help papa fix babycot for mei mei".


  1. you look great in your dress! don't worry i'm sure you'll slim down in no time!

  2. hey, Buffafly long time no see. have a great journey being pregnant. Looking good !!