Thursday, April 14, 2011

Six today!

Joseph is 6 years old today! We had a mini joint-party with Nat in school.

Nat's mummy and I were schoolmates and though we didn't 'pakat', Nat is 2 days younger than Joe while Nat's sister is 11 days older than Joe's sister.

It takes very little to get children happy and excited. A simple chocolate cake with dinos on top was enough to make the boys happy.

Knowing the kids don't have a lot of time to eat due to the short recess time, we only had simple egg sandwiches and vitagen.

Joy-Anne was very happy to go to Kor Kor's school.

I hope this means she will adapt well next year, without much crying like her kor kor.

Blessed 6th Birthday Joseph!

I am pleased with the way you have you show so much love, care and concern for your family and in particular the way you care for and protect your sister.

I am glad you can tell right from wrong.

Most of all I am pleased you have Jesus in your heart. We pray that you will grow up to be a man after God's own heart - that you will love Him, obey Him, serve Him and walk with Jesus all the days of your life.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A butterfly for my sister

Joseph received this from Clarysse for his birthday - A DIY Finger Puppets kit. He was very excited to start making some puppets. Much to my delight, he said he wanted to make a puppet for his sister. I was very glad that he thought of her first, instead of himself.

So he made this butterfly one for her, with help from mama of course. Needless to say, she was very happy when he gave it to her. Only after that did he think of making a puppet for himself and I helped him make these two..... and orca and a great white shark... Now he's gonna tell me a story about a killer whale vs a great white shark!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Dino Party for Joseph

Now I know why I like my new home so much..... it's spacious for parties!!! And what a blast we had... Joseph actually turns 6 this Thursday on 14th April but we had an early celebration yesterday evening.
Truth be told.... I liked Azlin's food so much after our home-warming that I had to find another reason to cater from her again. So we had a party for Joe.
Shireen baked Joe's dino cake - Japanese cheese cake with dinos, trees and a volcanoe as well!
I handmade a photo frame for each child - personalized with their name on it. And I made Joe write a thank you note for each frame. He wrote it 16 times in all! He did complain a little but I told him he had to share a bit of the work with me.
Uncle Billy @ Ah Ku did a great job at entertaining the kids, parents and grandparents.

He also led them in some games to work up an appetite. We sang Happy Birthday and Daalin prayed for Joe before everyone attacked the food.
The evening ended with Joe opening his presents after all our guests had left.
Now the princess wants a pink butterfly party when she turns 4 years old...