Thursday, December 07, 2006

Joe and his brothers

Joe has been having a lot of interaction with his brothers lately. Ok they are actually his cousin brothers but it doesn't really matter, does it?

Brandon came to stay for 4 days last week while his parents went to Alor Star for training.
During the 4 days, Joe and Bran had a gala time tearing my house apart. They jumped on the bed, dived from the bed to the mattress on the floor next to it, went swimming, climbed up and down my furniture and threw toy cars everywhere. Whatever one did, the other wanted to do too. For example...

me : Bran, go shee shee.

Brandon : Jojo shee shee...Jojo shee shee.

me : Bran, drink water.

Brandon : Jojo drink water.

me : Bran, time to eat.

Brandon : Jojo eat.

As for Joseph, he would point to the spot where Brandon always pees and says "Bannn" (he can't quite pronounce the 'r' sound). Then he points to where he pees and says "jojo".

When Brandon's parents came to get him, he cried and said "Jojo come! Jojo come!!!"

This couple of days in Singapore, Joseph has also had a gala time with his 3 other brothers who have been spoiling him with their collection of toy cars. They give in to him and makes sure he has all the cars he can get his hands on. I took him out to Thompson Plaza and Junction8 but I think he had more fun playing with his cousins.

He keeps looking up....maybe he's asking God for siblings....???