Monday, April 16, 2012

Joseph is 7

My first born is a big boy!

This year, he said he only wanted "a simple cheesecake". So with his approval, I bought a groupon for a peach cheesecake.

We brought the cake to children's church since his birthday fell on a Saturday.

He was happy to celebrate with his cell. It was great coincidence that they were having relationship day.

We also bought a couple of pizzas to make the kids happy.

After children's church, we went to TGIFridays for dinner.

Birthday boy picked the dinner venue because he likes the food and ambience.

After dinner, he got the TGIFridays signature birthday song and a complimentary sundae.

At last check, he now weighs 25.5kg and stands at 124.5cm tall. I wrote in my love letter to you....I pray that you will grow up to know Jesus as your BFF, love Him, serve Him only and walk with Him faithfully all the days of your life. We love you!

JKids @ Tropicana City Mall

Last Wednesday being a public holiday, we indulged the kids in another playgym. Actually I negotiated with Joseph to use his birthday ang pau to buy the multi-visit pass (RM100 for 5 times) and he agreed.
Evan and Marissa were also there so having a 'kaki' made it more fun.

JKids is much bigger and has a lot more stuff compared to YuKids @The Curve.

So I guess it's more worth your money since entrance fee is the same.

While JKids has the swings and slides...

...and this building blocks thingy... doesn't have the huge bouncing thing nor the balloon enclosure which is fun for younger kids.

The kids jumped and played from opening time (10am) till 1.45pm!

Good thing about the place is that they allow outside food to be brought in and you can eat at the designated area without leaving. There's also free wifi and plenty of comfy seats so you can work while your (older) kids entertain themselves.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Boundless energy - YuKids, Smaland, Swimming

I found out last minute that Monday 2nd April was to be a holiday for Joe's school in conjunction with Qing Ming. My darling son did not inform me about a circular that had been given out detailing dates for holidays, PTA meeting etc.

So with a free day, I took advantage of it and brought the kids out to expend their energy. We went to YuKidsIsland at The Curve.

They jumped....

and jumped....and climbed......for a total of 3.5 hours!With no need for the toilets!!! (Big kids and babies enter for free!)
I brought packets of milo, banana, snacks to keep their energy levels up. We were the first to arrive there when they opened at 10am and by 1.45pm when I had to almost drag them out to go eat lunch at Ikea, everyone else who came after us had left. After lunch, they still had energy to play in Smaland!!!

And while I had anticipated they would knock out in the car on the way home....they did not!

Once home, they drank milk and then changed into their swimming gear and went swimming.

After an early dinner, they were both asleep before 8.30pm and slept till 8am the next morning.

Simple Bee Farm - father-and-son camping trip

I bought a livingsocial voucher for an overnight camping trip to Simple Bee Farm recently, hoping it would be a nice bonding time for the boys. Yup...boys only because well, it's too rugged for princesses.

So last Friday evening, Daalin and Joe went to Seremban to spend a night with Ah Mah and Ah Kong first. Joe had a good time playing chinese chess with Ah Kong.
Ah Kong also gave him a golf lesson the next morning.After lunch on Saturday, they made the drive to this farm which is located in some remote corner in the state of Malacca. They got terribly lost and arrived after more than 2 hours of driving. Seems it's the norm to get lost.Joining them for this trip was Brandon and his dad who made the drive from Yong Peng. It was great to have a buddy to make the trip much more enjoyable. They tried honey sticks......and sampled scoops of honey!I'm surprised at Joseph's bravery to do this...At night, they barbequed their own food and I believe this is Joseph's first barbeque experience. He thorougly enjoyed it and sounded really excited when I spoke to him over the phone. Daalin said it was nice to be in a rustic laid-back environment - a good change from city life. There was no hot shower. They bathed by pouring cold water over themselves. At night they slept in tents and the next morning they had a simple breakfast of fried mee hoon and hard boiled eggsThey relaxed on hammocks......and played badminton.There was also a small variety of other animals like rabbits, goats, chickens...Again, I'm surprised that Joseph dared to hold the rabbit. The rooster that woke him up...And this is an empty orang asli hut. Overall it was a good experience for both father and son and cousin and uncle. Next up, they are planning a visit to a kelong. It will be another boys outing because princesses need their comfy beds and hot showers!