Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ah kong and papa

Mummy likes this photo very much.

I like it too. That's cute little me sitting on my papa. Yup, I look quite handsome like him, don't you think? And next to us is my Ah Kong. Ah Kong is my papa's papa. He's quite handsome too. Especially in his younger days. I guess all his hair turned white because my papa gave him too much nonsense. This was taken in Yong Peng at the Bekok Dam. We were sitting on a upside down boat.

We were down south earlier this month to visit Brandon and his parents. While there we took the opportunity to celebrate Ah Kong's birthday and also an early Father's Day. It was all really fun.

Here's Ah Mah and Ah Kong with their 5 grandsons!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

tornado in the city

Brandon and Joe had a good time playing together and messing my little pigeon hole some weeks ago.

You would have thought a tornado blew through my living room.

After messing up my place, they went to Midvalley to check out Thomas the train.

my handsome prince

Last Sunday, we dressed Joe up for Timothy's 1st birthday party. The party was fantastic. Su Yin went to great pains to organize it and it was very well organized. She even had a air-con playroom for the kids. Joe had a blast!

This outfit was passed from Brandon who had just worn it the day before for a wedding. I'm surprised it fit Joe so well. As if it was tailored just for him.

Being overdressed for the playground did not stop him from climbing and sliding down the tunnel

and from playing on the see saw.

I think he looks absolutely adorable.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cheeky little Joseph

Joseph is very cheeky. Too cheeky. He's getting more and more cheeky by the day. Last night, after his bedtime story, he said, "make nen nen". So I went to the kitchen to make his milk. When I got back to the room, he refused to come to me to drink. Instead, he was very happy jumping on the bed and saying, "run away" while laughing. He does that because he wants to be chased and caught.
Not having the energy to chase after him, I took his Barney bolster and told him I'd feed Barney instead....hoping that he would come to me by himself. So I told him, "ok...mama feed Barney ok?" (and I held Barney in a cradle hold) Instead of whining, he took the other Barney soft toy and handed it to me saying, "neh.... this one another Barney". plan backfired!