Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day with lunch @ Essence, Sheraton Imperial

Blessed Mother's Day!
Did I mention food is my love language..?
Isabel was a very good girl this morning. She slept late enough for me to have a good 2.5km run on the treadmill.
We had lunch at Essence, Sheraton Imperial using our Starwood Privilege 50% off group dining voucher.
This was what I ate...
round 1
round 2
round 3
round 4
I ate my fill in terms of quality, not so much the quantity. Worthwhile at 50% off the price of RM98++.
round 5
There was a lucky draw and I was very surprised when they called out my name as the winner of the only prize up for grabs - a RM200 voucher for Mandara Spa.
round 6
My darling was very sweet - after we got home, he told me he would watch the kids while I had a nap. It was a much-needed blissful 1.5 hour nap.
cappucino to finish off the meal
The kids were exceptionally obedient today!
I'm so thankful for the privilege of wake up daily to their love, hugs and kisses is priceless!
3 flowers from my 3 children

Monday, May 07, 2012

cakes too pretty to eat

I got inspired looking at the 2 tins of butter cookies in my pantry.
So I dug out the magnets that I bought THREE YEARS AGO... (and had no idea what to do with them back then...)
I bought felt in many many colours...
Used disposable chopsticks (clean never-used-before-ones of course) to make candles...
I glued the magnets to the bottom of the candles so that they would 'stick' on the cake.
This is how I do the running stitch before pulling it tight to make ruffles for the icing around the 'cake'.
Then I made many many more 'cupcakes' using clear containers....topped them with some 'cream cheese icing' and 'strawberries'..
Now the kids are very happy with their new bakery!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Isabel is 6 months old today! That's 6 months of sleep deprivation for me....she suckles what seems like all night long.
I'm still shedding clumps of hair. It's amazing I still have a full head of hair. This is the daily amount I lose when I wash my hair. Not including the hair that drops on the floor, on the pillow etc. I just have to run my finger thru and several strands end up in my hand.
She's a good baby. Many times when I'm busy, she will happily play in the playpen, sucking her toes or just watching BabyTV.
She's about 6.5kg now - petite and "chiak beh pui" (eat cannot grow fat) like her father. She's got up on all fours and lifted her butt really high. While not officially crawling yet, she can now 'worm' her way off the bed.
Me...I'm down to 48.5kg - less than my targeted 50kg. I'm pretty sure I can fit back into my wedding gown for my 10th anniversary photoshoot. I guess the high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) that my pilates instructor recommended really works. I [walk 2 mins then sprint 30secs] x 3 sets. Total time spent on the treadmill is about 10 minutes which is about all the time I have on some days.
Would I do this all over again? I don't know.... maybe when Isabel is a bit older and have kinda forgotten how tough it is to care for a newborn....maybe when I see lots of pregnant women around me.... maybe when I itch to hold and smell a newborn again.... we'll see.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Pizza and Oreo Cheesecake

It's May already? Where did April go? I've really been so procrastinating these posts... I recently hijacked my mom's oven that had been in hibernation.
We made pizza! The kids were thrilled!
And on the weekend when the whole country was yellow, we balik-ed kampung to celebrate Ah Mah's birthday.
We got an Oreo Cheesecake from Hot Crumbs. Very yummy! (and yellow too!)
Ah Mah and Ah Kong were very happy to have us back and I'm happy to make them happy.