Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day with lunch @ Essence, Sheraton Imperial

Blessed Mother's Day!
Did I mention food is my love language..?
Isabel was a very good girl this morning. She slept late enough for me to have a good 2.5km run on the treadmill.
We had lunch at Essence, Sheraton Imperial using our Starwood Privilege 50% off group dining voucher.
This was what I ate...
round 1
round 2
round 3
round 4
I ate my fill in terms of quality, not so much the quantity. Worthwhile at 50% off the price of RM98++.
round 5
There was a lucky draw and I was very surprised when they called out my name as the winner of the only prize up for grabs - a RM200 voucher for Mandara Spa.
round 6
My darling was very sweet - after we got home, he told me he would watch the kids while I had a nap. It was a much-needed blissful 1.5 hour nap.
cappucino to finish off the meal
The kids were exceptionally obedient today!
I'm so thankful for the privilege of wake up daily to their love, hugs and kisses is priceless!
3 flowers from my 3 children

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  1. Not fair! How could you eat all those food and still weigh 48.5kg? :-)

    Looks like you had a great Mother's Day!