Monday, May 07, 2012

cakes too pretty to eat

I got inspired looking at the 2 tins of butter cookies in my pantry.
So I dug out the magnets that I bought THREE YEARS AGO... (and had no idea what to do with them back then...)
I bought felt in many many colours...
Used disposable chopsticks (clean never-used-before-ones of course) to make candles...
I glued the magnets to the bottom of the candles so that they would 'stick' on the cake.
This is how I do the running stitch before pulling it tight to make ruffles for the icing around the 'cake'.
Then I made many many more 'cupcakes' using clear containers....topped them with some 'cream cheese icing' and 'strawberries'..
Now the kids are very happy with their new bakery!


  1. Cool! love them! maybe I can make some too with the pieces of felt that I have....

  2. super like! wow....really artistic and talented! :)

  3. You are one amazing mama! Really looks too pretty to eat!