Saturday, May 05, 2012

Isabel is 6 months old today! That's 6 months of sleep deprivation for me....she suckles what seems like all night long.
I'm still shedding clumps of hair. It's amazing I still have a full head of hair. This is the daily amount I lose when I wash my hair. Not including the hair that drops on the floor, on the pillow etc. I just have to run my finger thru and several strands end up in my hand.
She's a good baby. Many times when I'm busy, she will happily play in the playpen, sucking her toes or just watching BabyTV.
She's about 6.5kg now - petite and "chiak beh pui" (eat cannot grow fat) like her father. She's got up on all fours and lifted her butt really high. While not officially crawling yet, she can now 'worm' her way off the bed.
Me...I'm down to 48.5kg - less than my targeted 50kg. I'm pretty sure I can fit back into my wedding gown for my 10th anniversary photoshoot. I guess the high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) that my pilates instructor recommended really works. I [walk 2 mins then sprint 30secs] x 3 sets. Total time spent on the treadmill is about 10 minutes which is about all the time I have on some days.
Would I do this all over again? I don't know.... maybe when Isabel is a bit older and have kinda forgotten how tough it is to care for a newborn....maybe when I see lots of pregnant women around me.... maybe when I itch to hold and smell a newborn again.... we'll see.


  1. i totally understand how u feel abt the hair loss. so depressing i know.

    48.5kg!! gosh...i'm so jealous... so Pilates really works. i'm looking for one in Penang la.. but like not so popular here in penang.. hmm.
    i need to get an exercise machine. need to work out at home since dun have luxury of time to exercise elsewhere!

    isabel so cute with her botak head.. hehe. so fast 6 months! wow... and she's got such a super cute grin! :)

  2. 48.5? I'm that light in my dreams...hahaha. Maybe I should try your HIIT.