Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Riddle for the day...

How many adults do you need to feed 1 baby?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

dinner with Ah Ku

I was supposed to post this up earlier but forgot about it. Ah Ku and Aunty Joanne came over for dinner on Saturday night because we had friends in town.

Joseph always enjoys Ah Ku's company. He entertains with his tricks....

He wrestles with Joseph...
quick call CSI....body count 2

And he teaches Joseph things that I don't...

Aunty Joanne is great with helping with Joy-Anne. Their names makes my mother very confused.

Joe : I also wanna hug

Joe : but don't you think I'm more good looking than Ah Ku?

Joy-Anne can stand unaided for up to 5 seconds now...
don't believe me ah? you la!

all that showing off makes me so tired

Saturday, October 25, 2008

testing my vocal cords

I figured this out all by I sound cute?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Engineering Annual Dinner

I spent the evening with a bunch of engineers at Mantra Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid. It was Monash Uni's School of Enginnering Annual Dinner.

just me and my engineer

Located in Sunway Pyramid's old wing, next to the skating rink, it has a nice view of the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and we had a glimpse of the fireworks (which was actually pretty pathetic compared to the mega fantastic one at Disney World)

Mantra is a Indian, Asian restaurant specialising in North Indian cuisine. Food was pretty good but if I had to pay full price, you wouldn't find me here.

This was what we had for RM80++ per head (free for staff, RM50 for spouse)...

Ajwaini Fish Tikka and Mushroom Combo

Palak Paneer (pureed veg - like baby food, and cottage cheese) and Aloo Gobi (vege curry)

white rice and Veg Briyani

Tandoori Murg (I think Murg means chicken)

Duck Mango Salad (more like Mango Kerabu with very few pieces of Duck)

Indian Dessert and ice-cream

Mango with Sticky Rice and santan (to clog up your arteries)

Goan Fish Curry ( I skipped this dish because it looks like what my kids produce from their rear end. Edwin says it tastes sour)

Lamb Rogan Josh (taste pretty good. The meat was juicy and tender)

Murg (chicken) Makhani

round one

I liked the Duck Mango salad most and also the Mango Sticky Rice.

round two

It was nice to be able to dress up and go out but I couldn't help wondering if the kids were ok all night. I think they were because I came home to find Joy-Anne asleep and Joseph was on the bed, trying to go to sleep.

round three....more Duck Mango Salad for easier evacuation of faecal material

I must have eaten quite a lot of Duck Mango Salad because I had to go bom the toilet before going to bed.

yummy dessert

picture with the kids before going out

I think tomorrow I'll have to go easy on the stomach.....have to maintain my good looks (*cough! cough!*) mah....

flowers from my darling occasion - just for fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

playing together

It's wonderful to see Joseph and Joy-Anne playing together. I suppose when they get older, they will have their fair share of fights. But for now, Joy-Anne simply adores her brother. She gets really excited when they are together.
Sometimes, Joseph will be such an angel, generously giving his toys to Joy-Anne. At other times, he wants whatever toy Joy-Anne is holding. Then I'll tell him not to be like King George.
They like rolling and jumping on the bed. My 5-year-old mattress actually creaks now.

When he's not bossing her around, he's sometimes bullying her but in an affectionate way. It's actually quite fun to watch.

Monday, October 20, 2008

growing fast

The first year of life is undoubtedly the most significant growth period in one's life. It is indeed a very precious one year of life. I see it as a window of opportunity to teach and mould a child in the way we want him/her to grow.
starting young...
I started reading to both babies even before they could sit up. Nana also does this with both of them.

They change so much so fast and do something new everyday. Just this past couple of days, Joy-Anne started standing unaided for a few seconds each time.

can you see my 2 little teeth more clearly now?

She can also say a few words quite audibly like "nen nen" and "mum mum". And when she's tired or unhappy, she complains by saying, "mamma...mamma....".

are you sure I'm not too young for this...?

She's also enjoying playing with her brother now that she's bigger and less fragile. She can sit on her 'car' unaided since her feet can touch the floor. In fact, she not only sits. She jumps too!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Children's Day at Children's Church

Today was a very fun day for all the kids at DUMC's children's church. Every cell was given a budget of RM5o and time to do whatever they wanted to celebrate Children's Day. Joseph's cell leader planned a pool party for his cell.
I've got my swimming gear in my bag!

The worship was energetic as usual. More than 300 children jumping up and down worshipping the Lord makes you want to jump in and join in the fun.

Joy-Anne sleeping during the worship...zzzzz....

After that, Joe's cell proceeded to Juara Cerdik premises for their pool party.

going thru the rules before the fun.

Then out to the playground area where the fun begins!!

Joe really jumped into the pool and then said, "I make a big splash!!!" He had quite a lot of fun with Nat who is 2 days younger than him. Nat will be his classmate in school next year.

put your hand down Nat!

After all that splashing, the kids got changed and had some snacks.

Thoroughly exhausted, Joseph fell asleep on the way home from church......zzz....till tomorrow morning!

I said put down la....

9 months of Joy

Joy-Anne is 9 months old today - 9.2kg and 74cm of Joy! That's a half kilogramme lighter than Joseph when he was 9 months old. Her hair has grown back a bit more and no longer looks too botak.
We've also finally let her down on to the floor. Prior to this, the precious baby only played on soft surfaces like on the bed, the sofa and the playpen.

She makes a lot of adorable-sounding noises but tends to shut up when the camera comes out.

Like my sexy pose?