Saturday, October 04, 2008

further south

We celebrated David's birthday with a home-made orange cake by Ah Mah. Ah Kong fed some of it to Joy-Anne who happily opened her mouth.

Yes, yes, I know....babies less than 1 year old aren't supposed to be eating cake. Just tasting only....
We then made our way to Singapore. This is Joy-Anne's first trip to Singapore, her second time out of the country and technically the 5th country she's been to.
I'm making music on the piano
In the evening we took a walk to the neighbourhood playground where Joy-Anne got her first experience on a swing.

Joseph had a good workout running and climbing.

Back home, nana and Joe had a scooter race. Joe won, said, "Applause! Applause!!" and then took a bow.
Joy-Anne has been sleeping through the night for 3 consecutive nights now. It must be the southern air...

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