Saturday, October 18, 2008

Children's Day at Children's Church

Today was a very fun day for all the kids at DUMC's children's church. Every cell was given a budget of RM5o and time to do whatever they wanted to celebrate Children's Day. Joseph's cell leader planned a pool party for his cell.
I've got my swimming gear in my bag!

The worship was energetic as usual. More than 300 children jumping up and down worshipping the Lord makes you want to jump in and join in the fun.

Joy-Anne sleeping during the worship...zzzzz....

After that, Joe's cell proceeded to Juara Cerdik premises for their pool party.

going thru the rules before the fun.

Then out to the playground area where the fun begins!!

Joe really jumped into the pool and then said, "I make a big splash!!!" He had quite a lot of fun with Nat who is 2 days younger than him. Nat will be his classmate in school next year.

put your hand down Nat!

After all that splashing, the kids got changed and had some snacks.

Thoroughly exhausted, Joseph fell asleep on the way home from church......zzz....till tomorrow morning!

I said put down la....


  1. Hey, is Joseph attending kindy at Juara Cerdik? I visited few days back as I'm scouting for a kindy for YY next year. I quite like Juara Cerdik.

  2. will start attending Juara Cerdik next year. I don't think he's very enthusiastic about it. Even yesterday at the door, he said, "I don't want to go in." But Nat was very excited claiming that was his school.

  3. YY and Joseph may well become classmates next year :-)