Sunday, October 05, 2008

one delicious fun day in Singapore

Good morning Singapore! The kids woke up happy and all ready to play! We spent the morning lazing around and in AMK Hub for a short while. In the evening, Joseph had a good time with his cousin brothers.
He got better at the scooter.
Then he kicked the football around with his brothers.
Finally we all had a good feast at Daniel's birthday bash!
Joy-Anne couldn't eat any of the food but was still happy.

hmm....gimme a bite of that yummy-looking cake...

I had to take some pictures of Joe and Daniel before we left. They look most alike amongst the 5 boys.

We left Singapore Sunday morning.....with a bit of traffic jam at the causeway. Joy-Anne got bored and decided to eat her toes.

good bye Singapore...till next time.

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