Tuesday, October 07, 2008

my October Valentine

After a 6-day break, Joseph was reluctant to let me go back to work. I talked to him on Monday evening... (I don't work on Mondays)
mama : Joe, tomorrow mama have to go to work ok...
Joe : Awww.....but I will be so sad. Then, I will cry.
On Tuesday morning it was tough trying to get out of the house. He usually puts on a dramatic sad face, pouts and says things like " If you go to work....then I will have no friend. And I'll be so sad. So...will you stay home and be my friend?"
I was pleasantly surprised when I got home from work yesterday. Joseph greeted me with a big hug and gave me this..... and he said, "Here mama...this is a watermelon valentine card for you. It means - I love you!"
(He learnt about Valentine's Day Card from watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Playhouse Disney Channel)
Can you 'hear' my heart melt?
It because of things like this that I choose to not work full-time. Yesterday my boss asked me if I would like to work an extra day or at least half a day. Immediately I said, "NO!". He then asked me to consider it.
I thought about it. And my decision was an easy one. The only reason I would work extra is for the extra income. But Joseph values my time with him more than any present money can buy. So I stay home.

Yay....I get to see more of mummy!


  1. wat do u do at home with joe?

  2. play, read, do art & craft... sometimes go out kai kai. I like to bring him to supermarket (like Jusco/carrefour) where they sell fish, chicken, sotong etc and show him all those stuff.