Monday, October 20, 2008

growing fast

The first year of life is undoubtedly the most significant growth period in one's life. It is indeed a very precious one year of life. I see it as a window of opportunity to teach and mould a child in the way we want him/her to grow.
starting young...
I started reading to both babies even before they could sit up. Nana also does this with both of them.

They change so much so fast and do something new everyday. Just this past couple of days, Joy-Anne started standing unaided for a few seconds each time.

can you see my 2 little teeth more clearly now?

She can also say a few words quite audibly like "nen nen" and "mum mum". And when she's tired or unhappy, she complains by saying, "mamma...mamma....".

are you sure I'm not too young for this...?

She's also enjoying playing with her brother now that she's bigger and less fragile. She can sit on her 'car' unaided since her feet can touch the floor. In fact, she not only sits. She jumps too!


  1. Hi Priscalla! Remember me? :)

    Joy-Anne is looking more and more like Joseph now...

    That's a nice book you've got there. Reminds me that I should look out for some Christian chhildren books when we fly back to Malaysia.

    God bless!

  2. HI yes...remember you. and yes, Joy-Anne looks very much like Joseph. Like Joseph no.2...haha! That book is actually bought in USA. My sister gave it to Joseph.