Tuesday, July 31, 2007

weekend in Pangkor

Edwin and I spent last weekend in Pangkor Island and the lovely Pangkor Island Beach Resort (former Pan-Pac). It was a much needed break and for once, I had almost no complains about the entire place.

We placed our booking with the official hotel website because that offered the best deal. Our Ocean Wing room was lovely and very clean.
The bed was soft but firm and the sheets were spotless. The bathroom which had separate bathtub and shower cubicle was also huge and spick and span with plenty of fresh towels.

Sitting on the daybed in the above picture offers you this magnificent view of the well-manicured gardens surrounding the pool and the beach and ocean beyond. It was lovely to just sit and hear the ocean.

This picture isn't very clear because it was drizzling slightly when I took it on Saturday morning.

We had our meals at the Hornbill Restaurant which is adjacent to the pool and offers stunning (when it's not too cloudy) sunset views at dinner time.

The food was palatable enough with good variety. I do think it is overpriced so it's better to pre-pay (We paid RM80nett per person, per day for buffet breakfast and dinner) for it when placing your hotel booking. Walk-ins would be charged RM65++ per person for International-themed buffet dinner on Friday nights and RM75++ per person for BBQ buffet dinner on Saturday nights.

Hornbill Restaurant is probably named because of the many hornbills that flock to that area. There's a hornbill feeding station where the hotel places plates of fruit during the daytime for the birds to feed on. It's quite an attraction for hotel guests.

We were quite happy to just laze around in the room and in the pool. Thankfully it wasn't too crowded for a weekend.
The private 1.2km beach is clean if you enjoy swimming in salt water. Tucked in a little bay, the waves are not too strong. Lucky for me, hubby is my kind of specie...we enjoy looking at the beach and hearing the waves break on the shore but no thanks to swimming in the sea. Hence the nearest we came to the ocean was just walking around near the beach. Sunday came all too soon and we headed home. I wasn't too sad to leave because I was missed Joseph so much and couldn't help wondering if he was alright all weekend.

For those interested in spending a weekend there...here are some travel info...

The drive from KL to Lumut took us 3 hours. We headed to Shah Alam on the Federal Highway and used the Guthrie Corridor Expressway to reach Kuala Selangor. From there, roadsigns will lead you to Tanjong Karang, Sekinchan, Sabak Bernam, Teluk Intan and on to Lumut. The road is not too bad. Bumpy at some parts and too bad if you get stuck behind a huge lorry. But most parts are 2-lanes so overtaking is not a problem. It's scenic with lots of coconut trees and paddy fields along the way. Total amount of toll paid was RM3.90 each way.

At Lumut, we parked at the Majlis Perbandaran Manjung multi-storey covered carpark. It's RM6.90 per 24hours for weekdays and RM10 per 24hours on weekends. What we liked was that the car was not burning hot when we got back and it does look safer (compared to open air private carparks).

We took a private ferry which goes direct to Jetty 2 on Pangkor Island (there are 2 jetties on Pangkor Island). It costs RM16 return per person and took merely 30minutes to reach Pangkor Island. The ferry was large and we sat in air-conditioned comfort. The upper deck has an open-air section for those who like the breeze in their hair. Jetty 2 is mainly for guests of Pangkor Island Beach Resort and Teluk Dalam Resort. The shuttle from the ferry to the hotel is free and takes no more than 3 minutes.

If you can afford it, opt for the Ocean Wing room. The other room categories are Garden Wing (far from beach and supposedly not so nice), Pacific Wing (I think partial seaview) and the villas. The villas are chalets on stilts are just at the ocean edge. It's quite a walk to the lobby/restaurant/pool areas but perfect if you just want to hibernate with lots of privacy.

View of Ocean Wing rooms from pool area.

Pangkor Island Beach Resort is pretty secluded and there are no nearby restaurants/shops so unless you're prepared to take a cab out to town, you've got to eat in the hotel.

We anticipated that drinking water would be expensive so we brought four 1.5L bottles of mineral water. Otherwise you can boil tap water or try being a camel and drink lots of juice at breakfast and plain water from the restaurant at dinner.

All in, we paid exactly RM800 for 3D2N accomodation in an Ocean Wing room with daily buffet breakfast and dinner for 2 pax. I'd say it was worth the money and would definitely do it again if time and finances permit.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Christmas in July

It's only July but Christmas comes early for Joseph. Santa Claus is back! Again! With loads of presents and goodies. (Thank God the plane could take off)

Joe's private Santa Claus, also known as Yee Yee, lives in Dallas on the other side of this planet. Before Joe was born, Yee Yee didn't come back to Malaysia for a good FIVE years! And after there was Joe, Yee Yee came back every 6 months!

Hello Yee Yee....when are you coming back to see me?

Everytime Yee Yee comes back, the contents in my tiny little apartment increase by leaps and bounds. This time, Joe's goodies included...

Two big, soft and cuddly Lightning McQueens (USD8.50 each) and a Luigi (only USD1.50!!!).

Another Lightning McQueen (USD8.50) and a Mater (also USD1.50 only). These can talk and move their eyes .

Lightning McQueen t-shirt. USD2 only. So cheeeeeaaapppp!!!!!

American Airline toy plane. (USD7) Press the button on top to make the plane emit 'take-off' sound and flash lights.

Veggietale figurines and books.

Veggietale puzzles and a study bible.

More dvds...

Chocolates and popcorn. This is only a third of the original stash. The rest has been wallopped by Ah Ku, Papa and Nana.

Yee Yee also bought 4 pretty baby girl outfits although I don't know yet the gender of baby no.2

And there's this huge present still unopened. Joe has already claimed that it's for him. It's a Veggietale pirate ship inside! Yeah...the one from the Jonah movie.

Of course Yee Yee is most happy when Joe wears this t-shirt...

Joe and his new stash!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Joe's many faces

I always find it very difficult to take nice photos of Joseph. He's just not very cooperative in front of the camera. In fact, my brother commented that in almost all of Joseph's pictures, his mouth is open! And that's not necessarily open in a smile. Most times, he has a blur "sor chai" look.

I'm not sor chai....just deep in thought.

But when he's in a good mood, he'll show you his cute-cute face - which is when he puts his fingers to his cheek and tilt his head to oneside.

And then there's his "cool" face.

mmmmmmmMMMMUAK!!! Here's a kiss for you!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Joe learns to swing...like a monkey

We were at the playground downstairs yesterday and I taught Joe a new thing.

oohhh....I learn a new thing everyday

I got him to hang on to the bar overhead and lift his legs to swing. Initially he was a bit hesitant and I had to hold up his lower body to give him a feel of it. After a few times, he got the hang of it and was swinging by himself and declaring, "wahhh....this is fun!" and "I can do it!"

I was quite surprised that he learnt so fast and also amazed at the strength he has in his arms.
Yeah...I can do it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

never too young

Joe is almost 27 months old. Nope, I don't think he's too young....for some sex education!
This book is about 30 years old. My mother has kept it all these years. It gives you the plain facts about how babies are made.

I show this to Joe...and tell him that's why my tummy's growing bigger and bigger.

And I also tell him that once upon a time, that's where he was growing too..... He just nods his head and mumbles, "yes..."

Here's how much he knows right now...

me : where is your penis?

Joe : there...(he points to it)

me : penis for what?

Joe : for shee shee

me : who else got penis?

Joe : papa

me : can you touch?

Joe : cannot.

me : who can touch?

Joe : mama only!

haha....what an intelligent boy!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

cheeky smile

Joe loves to run and jump around on the bed naked after his bath. He thinks it's great fun to have us chase after him and try to catch him while he puts up a struggle trying to evade clothes. We caught this on camera one night...

Nope...you may not see my belly button!

I've cropped the bottom part of the photo so it doesn't look like porn. I love this cheeky smile.

weekend in Genting

We spent the weekend in Genting for DUMC's children leaders' retreat. It was a 1-night stay at Awana Genting. I hadn't been there for many years and was looking forward to a lovely weekend of cool fresh air. Boy, was I wrong! Although the retreat was great and the food (we ate at Gohtong Jaya) was fantastic, the resort itself was just plain stinking!

It stinks because lots and lots of idiots (i.e. smokers) light up anywhere they like. There was smoke in the lobby, in the hallway, in the restaurant, in the meeting rooms, and even in the privacy of the hotel room!!! That's coz the darn hotel has NO air-conditioning! NO AIR CON!!! How can? Call themselves a resort that offers "luxurious comfort". Comfort my foot! Needless to say, I am never going back there.

Here's the more pleasant part of our weekend...

First we met up at McDonalds Sri Gombak. Here's Joe checking out Ronald McDonald.

Here we are waiting for the shuttle bus from Awana to the skyway.

Finally on the bus....Joe's first bus ride.

Don't I look cool?

In First World Plaza...

Do not be fooled by the pretty lights. The air in here is actually very stale and yucky. That's coz lots of idiots smoke anywhere they like indoors. Coupled with the loud lousy music, I came back with a headache and a stuffy nose. I'm never going back there!

The next morning....I realized I forgot to bring Joe's potty. So I had to improvise keep him on the toilet bowl.

Am I creative or what?