Monday, January 10, 2011

First day of Joe's last kindy year

Joseph finally went back to kindy to start a new academic year. His kindy has a practice where returning students start a week later. Joseph sure wasn't complaining about the extra holidays and neither was I.

In fact, I think he was a little apprehensive to start school again. He's just by nature very cautious and rather timid about new surroundings. Kinda like his father.

So we really had to give him encouraging words and pray for him before we left him in his new class with his new teacher.

Back home, Joy wanted to wear her uniform as well.
She has been saying she wants to go to school but makes no whining about it. I'm not sure she's serious about it.
At the moment, she's just happy wearing the uniform which is a hand-me-down from a friend who's daughter graduated from the same kindy last year.

She wore the uniform when we went to pick Joe up and lucky for her, the teachers didn't think she was a runaway student.
When we got home, Joseph was back to his usual cheery self and seemed quite happy with his new class and new teacher.
I sure am not looking forward to when he starts primary school next year. I just know it's gonna be pretty traumatic for him and there's going to be lots of crying.

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  1. Oh rupa-rupanya Joy was just wearing the uniform for fun. When I first saw the pix, I thought you've enrolled her into the 3yo class :-)