Friday, February 04, 2011

Sembawang Splash Park - revisit

We made another visit to Sembawang Splash Park this morning. The weather was absolutely lovely and the kids had a blast!While the boys ran straight for it, Joy-Anne took a while to actually get herself wet.
If we had gone to the WaterPlay at the Singapore Zoo, we would have spent a LOT of money on admission fees.

While this is all FREE!!! Wonderfully FREE!

I read that there's a similar thing back home at the Mines Shopping Centre but when you're not on holiday, you just don't have the time to go. And when you are free to go, everyone else is also free making the place very crowded.

I was very surprised that we almost had the whole Splash Park to ourselves this morning. Hardly half a dozen other kids considering it's a public holiday. Maybe all the Singaporeans are in Johor busy shopping or visiting to collect ang pow.

The water aside, I think the best part for Joe is just spending time with his brothers...
...that's what Chinese New Year is about after all - spending time with family!
Blessed Chinese New Year to everyone!

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