Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New bicycles in our new home

It was a quiet day at work and I felt prompted to google for children's bicycles.

We have been planning to get bicycles for the kids but the old home was not conducive. There was no place to store and no place to ride since the terrain is too hilly.

Now that we're in our new home, there's a spacious lift lobby and flat ground all around the condo compound.

Low and behold, I found an ad for not one but three (!!!) bicycles for sale, 2 of which are LeRun bikes. I'm not too informed about bicycle brands but I think this is a decent one because I've heard of it. We bought the 'package' of 3 bikes, 2 helmets and 2 bicycle locks from the very nice man. Needless to say, the kids were thrilled beyond words.
The biggest bike (adult size) couldn't fit in the car so we'll have to make another trip when the YongPengTribe comes with their MPV.

I'm absolutely certain this is another of God's blessings because we concluded the sale barely 2 hours after the seller posted the ad. Now mama can ride with the kids while papa jogs and watch for cars!!!

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