Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fun at the Pyramid

We made a trip to Sunway Pyramid last night, with the main purpose of treating the kids to a ferris wheel ride.
Met up with the singapore clan for dinner first, and then we found out that the ferris wheel is not yet functioning. So the men and boys made their way to the adjacent area where we found this bumper car thingy. Joe was only too excited to have a go.
Of course it was so much more fun to have Joshua, Daniel and Sean there to bump into each other.

They had 2 rounds of fun.

I think the boys quite enjoyed themselves too. RM5 per ride.

Joe said it was cool. He was not at all afraid.

Joy-Anne didn't ask to ride the bumper cars. Thank God. After a while, she warmed up to Tua Um and let Tua Um carry her.

After Pyramid, we went to Ah Ku's new house at about 10pm. Yeah I know it was late. But the kids both napped for more than 3 hours in the afternoon so I figured they should be ok.

Ah Ku has a nice new big tv in a newly-repainted and renovated house.

This is the computer and probably storage room. It's still messy with boxes here and there.
Joe checked out the new washing machine. He can't do this with our top-loading one at home.

The kids were quite comfortable there and didn't want to go home.

When I told Joy we were going to Ah Ku's house, she said, "See my kim kim".

Ah Ku's and Kim Kim's brand new bed.
Joe had lots of fun running around and mopping Ah Ku's floor with his socks.
I forgot to take pictures of the very nice ceiling. Now Ah Ku's house looks nicer than ours.

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  1. About Pyramid, I have a discount voucher of 30% (off total bill) for the dolphin & sealion show next to Pyramid, expiring this 31st.
    Let me know if you are interested so that I can pass the tickets to u.