Monday, December 07, 2009

Sunday evening - Air Itam Dam and Queensbay Mall

In the evening, we took a drive to Air Itam Dam just to show Joe a reservoir.
Guess what he wanted to do again.... yup! Take photos!
He made us squat down because he said Kong Kong and Papa are too tall.

Then we went to Queensbay Mall to meet Tairven and Wee Lyn for dinner and he wanted to take more photos...

We had dinner at Paddington House of Pancakes. This is my first experience with pancakes for dinner.

Joe seemed to enjoy himself.

Joy also enjoyed smearing her face with ice cream. She wasn't too messy this time.

After dinner, the Rachel and Joseph managed to con their fathers into bringing them to the Jusco play area and pay RM2 per kid for entry into this mini play gym.
There was a big trampoline, a ball pool and lots of climbing stuff...

Good thing Joy didn't ask to go in because I didn't feel like climbing...

Samuel was a very good boy...he napped while his mummy had dinner in peace and then had his milk fix when mummy was done eating.
Think I look good with 3 kids?


  1. yeah you look good with 3 kids. faster have another one!
    aiyah, just realised we forgot to take a group photo together la... :)
    next month whn you're back, we can do dinner again? :)

  2. Joe is such a smart photographer!
    Telling everyone to squat down so that all the heads are in the picture!
    Yes, you look good with 3 kids. My shirt looks good on u too!