Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Father and Son time

Daalin took Joe out today for their father-and-son weekly date. Joe decided that he wanted to go to Megamall instead of Ikea.

I've no idea what they did there because Joe wouldn't let me go along. He said, "You are not a son nor a father". That's why I can't go out for father-and-son-time. But Joe came home a very happy kid.

He fed himself a whole bowl of yummy porridge.

This is at I Love Yoo on the LG floor of The Gardens. Only RM2.90 per bowl.

Looking at how he finished it, I think he likes it a lot.

Yup....I certainly think so.

Father-and-son has this 'secret' thing they do that mama and nana are not supposed to know about because according to Joe, we'll be cross.

He likes getting wet at this fountain between The Gardens and Midvalley Megamall.


  1. Thanks Edwin; for taking the photos. Joe definitely had a wonderful time!