Friday, December 04, 2009

Fun at the Adventure Zone in Penang

We came back to Penang on Thursday night. The kids slept so well in the car that they were still awake at midnight in Penang!
On Friday morning, we went to check out the Adventure Zone that Adeline told me about. She and Yvonne brought their kids the last time they were back and had a blast! Entrance fee is RM20+ per kid on weekdays and RM30+ on weekends. (There's a 5% govt tax) Adults get in for free.

Socks are required for everyone (you can purchase new ones at RM10 per pair if you forget to bring) and long sleeves are required for the huge slides.
Joseph was so excited. I had shown him photos on the website earlier and he was all eager to go!

Joy-Anne was kinda timid at first but soon warmed up and roamed freely by herself.

She even crossed this hanging bridge all by herself, very slowly, step by step.

Joe pretended he was Tarzan on this 'vine'...

...but mummy had to go with him.

Pretending he's going through a sugar-cane-juice machine...

It's really quite a cool place... huge and very safe because everything is nicely padded.

Joy liked this tunnel slide which was pretty mild, even though it was long.

And both kids loved the ball pool.

And Joe liked the ball blower...
But the highlight of the place was surely the giant terrifying slides!

Not this kiddy slide...

They call this the Astra Slide. You sit on a mat like a sleigh and zoom down.

Joe first went down with me. It certainly reminded me of the rides at DisneyWorld. I thought Joe would be afraid and cry. But as soon as we got down there, he jumped up and said, "Alright! Let's do it again!!!"

He must have gone on it like a dozen times! Towards the end, we let Joy try. She looked like she was gonna scream her lungs out...

But she actually said, "Again..." and so they went racing down again and again!

I absolutely like that eager excited look on Joe's face while Nana screamed at the top of her lungs!

We left even before the 2-hour playtime duration was up. Joe wanted to climb this watch tower that was just outside the Adventure Zone.

It was certainly a cool morning! The kids napped for almost 3 hours in the afternoon to recharge their batteries.
And here are the videos...

First mama went with Joseph ..............

Then papa went with Joseph ....

And then ..... Nana went !!!!!!!!!!!

Then papa went on the steeper one ......

And finally papa went on the super steep one !!! This is a 24ft near-vertical drop!


  1. Yay!! Joe found his ball pool!!!
    In Msia!!
    Nana can scream!
    wish i was there too.

  2. the 3rd photo from the top.
    reminds me of when Joe was 9 mos old. his head shape is super cute.

  3. wow! looks so so fun! ok, we're definitely heading there soon! hehe.

  4. pris, the videos are TOO FUNNY !!! i was laughing away ...felt like screaming !! if it was me ..the kid would've gone flying one side ...and me one side !