Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday morning in Penang

..we went to Penang Wesley for the 9am service. It was quite a morning! We woke the kids up at about 8.20am and managed to get out the door by 8.45am. In that short time, both drank water, had a bottle of milk each, did their big business and got changed.
After service, we had char koay teow during the fellowship hour. Joe took photos again...

Then I got the kids to take a photo with Ah Chor...

Before heading home, we stopped by an automatic car wash. Joe loves this. We obliged his request since it costs only RM3 to make him happy and get a clean car at the same time.
But Joy cried when the huge brushes came down on the car....she cried while saying, "Not scared! I'm not scared!!!" It was quite funny really.

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  1. LOL!!! Joy is so funny!!
    :-) *roll on the floor laughing*