Saturday, December 19, 2009

1Utama on a public holiday.

We went to 1 Utama last night with the intention of catching a glimpse of Dora and Kai Lan at the Nickelodeon roadshow. It was all quite disappointing because Dora only appeared at 1pm and Kai lan at 3pm so this was all we saw...

So we went to look for dinner. I thought we would go back to Zuup. But it no longer exists. Chap lap already!

Barney car next to Zuup has also been changed

Daalin thought of going to Chili's. But the wait was too long. So we walked over to the old wing for Joe's regular yummy porridge at I Love Yoo!
After dinner, popped over to Waffle World for desserts.

The blueberry waffle was quite nice although the strawberry one was more crispy. Joy-Anne fed herself ice-cream with a butter knife.

We walked around the crowded place a while before making our way home.

We passed by a Ogawa display and this is the Booby Monster at work.... (Yee Yee, this picture is for your laughing pleasure.)
Note to self : avoid malls on a public holiday. Only go on 1 Jan to Chili's and make sure we get there before 6.30pm to get a table.


  1. What is chap lap?
    I couldn't explain that to yeeteow

  2. why go Chillis on Jan 1? Got some special promo ka?

    eh, do they show Dora on Playhouse Disney? or only on Nick? Is it nice/good to watch?

  3. Yee Teow : chap lap means close shop. Shut down the business.

    Wee Lyn : Chili's on 1 Jan for Kong Kong's bday dinner.

    No Dora on 613. Only on 612, 9am everyday. 10am got the cousin - Diego. I find it quite educational. The shows on 612 are only good till 11am. After that is quite violent.

  4. ic.. i always find the shows on 612 too violent for small kids. so never did turn on 612 for rachel to watch. i shall try 612 at 9am, not sure whether Rachel wld want to watch coz she's glued to 613 everyday! thanks for the info.

  5. Hi BuffaFly..Season's Greetings.

    I recognize you and your family. I am the previous owner of ZUUP (Gavin) and would like to update our ex-customers on our new location. We have changed our name and we are now located in Tropicana City Business Park and our new shop name is Big Fat Bird Cafe. You will find a lot of ZUUP's specialty there too. Do log on to for a glimpse of our new layout and food. Do call me at 012-9703066 if you have queries.

  6. Thank you for the info, Gavin. Will check out your new place when the opportunity arises. Have yet to step foot anywhere near the new Tropicana place.